The Lost and the Damned, progress report and current army list

Over the last few weeks, I have been painting up more and more models for my Lost and the Damned list, which I talked about here. Since then, I have finished another unit of 30 Renegades with melee weapons.


There are 5 flamers in the unit for maximum burnination and 5d3 automatic overwatch hits, as well as a Chaos Sigil to bolster morale by ignoring the first failed Morale and Pinning check per game turn. The unit leader is a Demagogue, which is a fancy word for a champion with 3 base attacks with the Covenant of Khorne, which gives the unit Shred in the first round of each close combat. They will also be joined by one of my Enforcers, who gives the unit Rage with his Combat Drug Injectors. Both the Demagogue and the Enforcer will be given a Power Axe, so they have a total of 8 (12 on the charge) S4 AP2 attacks, which is quite a lot for this army.

I have also had a stroke of genius this weekend when I looked at the new Kataphron models for the Adeptus Mechanicus. I wanted to use 6 Rapier Laser Destroyers in two units to be my long-range tankbusters, but Forgeworld charges the princely sum of 26 pounds Sterling per model and also never has 6 in stock at the same time it seems. As the new Kataphrons also have track units and mean-looking heavy guns, I can just buy two boxes of 3, then modify them to look more chaotic, thus saving me money and time. In addition, Forgeworld resin is occasionally warped and difficult to work with, so I prefer GW plastic these days.

I am also currently meditating about the number of Sentinels I wish to run. I initially planned to use 6 with Multiple Missile Pods (the ones the Valkyrie has, firing a Large S4 Blast each) and just have them spray pie plate in the general direction of the enemy with BS2, but then I decided to be a bit more varied and only use 3 of those and add 6 with Militia Training and Autocannons. This will give me another 12 shots to take out light vehicles and ruining the day of anything flying. This might be the final set-up, but it would require buying another 3 Sentinels. Fortunately, they are not that expensive on eBay as GW has packed them into any Imperial Guard boxed set without them being that great for Guard, so many players sell theirs after seeing how little they contribute to a Guard army. In a Renegade army, on the other hand, they are cheaper and there are enough bodies to hide them behind for a permanent cover save.

Finally, I have also decided to add an Allied Detachment of Chaos Space Marines to the army, namely a single squad of Chaos Space Marines to fill the Troops requirement and a Dark Apostle. Yes, I could have used another unit of Cultists, but that would not have added anything to the army and the CSM at least give me one decent shooting unit for plasma guns. The Dark Apostle will be given the Mark of Khorne to give a unit Counterattack (as it activates if one model in the unit has it) and Zealot, which turns a unit of peasant rabble into a decent melee threat. He will join the Mutants with Covenant of Khorne, who then have up to 206 attacks with re-rolls on both the ‘to hit’ and ‘to wound’ rolls. I think this is quite a characterful addition of a Dark Apostle instigating the downtrodden and outcast to throw down the yoke of Imperial tyranny and replace it with the yoke of Chaos tyranny, though he will probably keep the second part to himself. It also fits the fluff quite well, as Chaos seems to be a very character-driven army.

So the current version of the army list looks like this:

Command Squad: Arch-Demagogue (Warlord) with Covenant of Tzeentch, Master of the Horde, Power Maul, 3 Disciples with Lasguns, 1 Disciple with Grenade Launcher: 90 points

Renegade Enforcer Cadre: 2 Enforcers with Laspistol, Power Axe and Combat Drug Injectors, joining the Mutants and 30-strong melee unit, 1 Enforcer with Laspistol joining a Rapier unit: 115 points

3 Renegade Chaos Spawn: 55 points

3 Renegade Chaos Spawn: 55 points

Renegade Mutant Rabble: 50 Mutants with Laspistols and Close Combat Weapon, Mutant Champion with Covenant of Khorne, Laspistol and Power Axe: 185 points

Renegade Infantry Platoon 1:

Command Squad: Demagogue with Covenant of Tzeentch and Lasgun, 22 Renegades with Lasguns, 1 Renegade with Chaos Sigil and Lasgun, 3 Autocannon Teams, Militia Training: 160 points

Renegade Infantry Squad: 16 Renegades with Autopistols, 1 Renegade with Chaos Sigil and Laspistol, 3 Renegades with Flamers: 80 points

Renegade Infantry Squad: 18 Renegades with Autopistols, 1 Renegade with Chaos Sigil and Laspistol, Renegade Champion with Power Axe and Laspistol: 85 points

Renegade Infantry Platoon 2:

Command Squad: 23 Renegades with Autopistols, 1 Renegade with Chaos Sigil and Laspistol, 5 Renegades with Flamers, Demagogue with Covenant of Khorne, Power Axe and Laspistol: 160 points

Renegade Infantry Squad: 21 Renegades with Lasguns, 1 Renegade with Chaos Sigil and Lasgun, 2 Renegades with Grenade Launchers, 3 Autocannon Teams, Militia Training: 145 points

Renegade Infantry Squad: 15 Renegades with Lasguns, 1 Renegade with Chaos Sigil and Lasgun, 2 Heavy Stubber Teams, Militia Training: 85 points

Renegade Sentinel Squad: 3 Sentinels with Multiple Missile Pods: 90 points

Renegade Sentinel Squad: 5 Sentinels with Autocannons, Militia Training: 165 points

Renegade Field Artillery Battery: 2 Heavy Quad Launchers: 60 points

Renegade Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery: 3 Rapiers, Extra Crew, Militia Training: 79 points

Renegade Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery: 3 Rapiers, Extra Crew, Militia Training: 79 points

Aegis Defense Line: Quad-gun Emplacement: 100 points

Dark Apostle: Mark of Khorne: 115 points

5 Chaos Space Marines: 1 Plasma Gun: 90 points


Battle report: Moth-Ra versus Godzilla or Eldar versus Knights

I had a game with my Eldar last week, the first since the new codex got released, so I wanted to take them for a spin and as Ulf had just completed his fifth Knight, we took this would be a good opportunity for a 2.250 points game.

I ran: Seer Council with 2 Farseers and 5 Warlocks, CAD with Farseer, double Windriders, Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent, 2 Fire Prisms and a Lynx, CAD with Autarch, Windriders, Rangers and Wraithknight.

He ran: 2 Knight Errants, 2 Knights Paladin and a Warden, one had the triple missile launcher and the other one the Icarus canon on their carapace. Militia Tempestus Detachment: Commissar, Tempest Scion Squad with Volleygun, Taurox Prime. His Knights were in a formation that gave them Counterattack, Overwatch on their non-blast weapons and +1 to all Ion Shield saves to the front. He also had one Knight promoted to Baron, who had +1 to all Ion saves and WS&BS 6, as well as re-rolls in challenges (not that I went anywhere near that guy).

We played a Maelstrom mission, the one where you draw as many new objective cards as you control objectives each round.

I made a lot of pictures, so I will tell the story through them.

Five Knights versus one.

Tempestus Scions hiding on the flank.

Lynx chilling on the bastion (we agreed that he could either charge the Bastion and swing at it until it exploded, then allocate all other attacks on the Lynx or charge with -3″ to reach it straightaway.

Look carefully at that Wraithknight because it failed 6 out of 6 cover saves (some at 3+ as shots were taken through a ruin during Nightfight) and died like a little bitch.

My counterattack kills a Knight when the Seer Council goes to Strength 4 (7 for the Autarch with his Lance), then rolls a ton of 9+s on 2d6. The other one is down to one hull point after the Fire Dragons and Swooping Hawks have a go at it. Next round, it rolls triple 1 on his ‘to wound’ rolls on the Swooping Hawks with his Sword, but breaks them after stomping on one.

Knights advance, but fail to reach the Lynx by rolling snake eyes.

Windriders cheekily grap an objective from behind a Knight, then get stomped in return. Oh well, it’s a man’s life in the Windriders.

5 Guided Fire Dragons in 2 shield arcs of a Knight on 1 Hull Point. Enough said.

I need to kill a unit each in my psychic, shooting and close combat phase for d3+3 VPs and kill every unit within 12″ of objective 1, which is in the building behind the Taurox. Easy, right? Unfortunately, the Commissar passes all 3 4+ armour saves and I cannot get off Mind War as I need all my other psychic shenanigans to stay alive (first world problems), so I only get kills in two phases and as I fail to kill the Taurox, I also need to wait a round for my other objective card.

Knights advancing, but again rolling too low to reach the Lynx, which then promptly rolls a 6 to one-shot a Knight, the only one it rolled in 4 shooting phases by the way.

The Council has finally purged every enemy in 12″ of objective 1 and decides to chill there until the Knight population has been dropped. No need to get cocky.

Windriders grabbing an objective.

The last Knight murdering lesser troops after killing the Lynx in melee.

In the end, I was down to the Seer Council, an immobilised Wave Serpents and two Windriders, while he still had a single operational Knight. In terms of objectives however, I was on 12 points to his 7, mostly because of my Windriders having Objective Secured and being obscenely fast. I had two units in reserves that came in and immediately scored an objective on the other side of the table. That and the two failed charged won me the game hands down.

Regarding the new Eldar, I cannot say much about the Knight as it died turn 1 without firing a single shot. If it had lived, I might have healed it up to 2 wounds, then used it to shoot and charge another Knight, but as it has no D melee attacks and only 2 shots, it would not have been that great against Knights with 3+ front shields. On the other hand, the Seer Council is even stronger now, harnessing Warp Charges on a 3+ and being able to re-roll any number of dice once per psychic phase for each Farseer is amazingly strong. I only rolled up Runes of Fate and Divination powers because I find Telepathy retarded, so I can only imagine how evil those guys are with Invisibility in the mix.

The new Imperial Knights were very funky and it was a blast playing against them. Granted, facing 5 if you are not prepared could be problematic, but as we had agreed to play with those lists, it was no problem. They are powerful and tough, but also many eggs per basket, so each one you lose is painful.


Warmachine tournament report, game 1

I have recently played my first Warmachine tournament, after being unable to go to the last couple for various reasons, mostly because they happened to be on the same days as exams I had to run or on the same days as Make War Not Love. But this time, I had nothing else on and aggressively defended that spot on my calendar.

I began preparing about a month and a half ahead of the event, finalising my lists and then playing some more games with them to get the interactions down and seeing where each list’s strengths and weaknesses were. I had decided to run the Vayl, Consul of Everblight theme force list I have used before, for example in the battle report against eHaley you can find on this blog. With the Hex Hunters and Blackfrost Shard, I hoped I would have a good match-up against infantry-heavy builds, as well as some potential to crack heavy armour, should I end up mis-pairing the list or being list-locked in the last round. I paired it with Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight (Abbie2) running two Scytheans, a Ravagore, a Shredder, an Angelius and Zuriel, supported by a Strider Deathstalker, two Shepherds and a Forsaken. This was my main list against high-ARM armies.

Unfortunately, I was not really able to practise in the two weeks prior to the event as I had some family stuff thrust upon me, but I nevertheless felt happy with my lists and my preparation as I had been playing almost nothing but Vayl and Absylonia for some time prior to the event. Arriving on time, I found out that we would only be 5, so there would be a bye (free win) awarded to a player each round as we were an odd number (we were also odd as people, but that is a given for a wargaming tournament).

Round 1: The dreaded mirror match

Of course the two Legion players had to face each other in round 1. He had brought a Vayl 1 tier 4 theme force with two Angelii, a Seraph two minimum units of Hex Hunters, one with a free Bayal, a pot, a Raek and some fury management (I am not too sure about the details), as well as Lylyth2 with double Ravagore, double Angelius, a Naga, a Shredder, double Deathstalker, a Shepherd and a Succubus. I decided that Abbie would not be a good drop against either list as Vayl could outthreaten her with the Seraph and Leash and Lylyth could unload into her battlegroup and weaken it too much to face off against his 4 heavies that were all no slouches in melee despite him using them primarily as gun platforms. So Vayl2 it was, as she had more infantry than his Vayl1 list and more importantly more beasts, as well as having enough fast infantry to tie up the gunbeasts until my own heavies could kill them in melee. He expected me to drop Abbie and chose Lylyth, so I guess that makes me the winner in the list-pairing round.

He took first turn, so I chose the side with the double wall, having something to hide behind. He advanced aggressively to be in aiming position in turn 2 and I thought I would see a turn 2 feat coming from him, so I needed to come up with a plan to prevent that. I decided to stay mostly behind the walls, getting into a position where I could start engaging him next round, but making it difficult for him to really affect my units with shooting. Moreover, I pulled the old Omnus special and spawned a Harrier round 1 with my pot to charge and engage one of his Angelii. I only dealt three damage to it, but it was tied up for the time being and the Harrier would do exactly what it says on the tin, harrying people. Unfortunately, I then had a brain fart and flew an Angelius to a position where it would be 7-8 inches away from the Shredder just in front of Lylyth and well within the Oraculus range of Vayl, so Vayl should be able to drop some Obliterations on Lylyth turn 1, right? Well, there is this spell called Shadow Pack that I have no excuse not remembering as a Legion player which gives Lylyth Stealth, so I could not actually see her with Vayl. Of course, if I had advanced the Angelius the full distance of 18 inches and then advanced Vayl 6 inches, Vayl would have just been able to hit the Angelius with the Oraculus (it having a 2” base), the Angelius would have been just within 5” of the Shredder, so I could have dropped my Obliterations on that model, then hit Lylyth with the blast damage and at ARM 15 without transfers (having put Tenacity on herself and some beasts in addition to casting Shadow Pack), boosted POW8s would have dealt some damage. But as I had forgotten about Stealth, I wasted my feat and then had to fire some blind Obliterations, hoping for a scatter on her. In fact, I was so miffed that I decided to dump my last 4 focus into a third Obliteration (being able to run away with the feat’s free Refuge spell) and that one actually hit her and dealt 4 damage on an 11. Still, I could not do much else, so I hoped to weather his feat turn.

Which did not come as apparently the feat bombardment and the Harrier tying up the Angelius had so shaken him that he threw his plan away and decided to go for another one. A Ravagore shot my Scythean before the engaged Angelius disengaged and charged it, after taking some more damage from a free strike, leaving my Scythean at 5 damage boxes. The Ravagore shot the central Angelius and it died to a charge by his Angelius after that. Lylyth and the Deathstalkers killed some Hex Hunters, but not as many as he could have, while the Naga ran forward to threaten direct shots on Vayl next round. The Shredder had Rabid’ed and engaged the Harrier, but rolled so poorly that it only took 4 damage in total. Lylyth had also cast Pursuit on the Hex Hunters to have an escape plan for her beasts.

All in all, he did very little in his turn 2, so I decided to continue playing like a numpty and forget my own faction’s rules. Because after the Harrier frenzied and damaged the Shredder for 12 (grrr… one box left), I decided to be extra-clever and have the Bloodseer engage the Naga, cast the True Strike animus and then headbutt it to knock it down. Because Serpentine does not exist. So, having wasted two fury for the animus and the power attack, the Nephilim did some damage to the Naga with its last fury, then the Blackfrost Shard also charged it to do some more damage, but nothing really crippling. The Scythean got healed up by a Shepherd to have all aspect left, then whaled on the Angelius to bring it down with a timely charge attack from my own Angelius, so it was one all in terms of dead heavies, but with a Scythean on only 4 boxes as it had been on fire until Vayl purified it off. She had also countered Pursuit with that, so my Hex Hunters were good to go and they charged the left Ravagore and Angelius, doing some amount of damage and more importantly having 5 models in melee range with them in case they wanted to risk free strikes. The last two Hex Hunters charged the Naga for some more damage. The Ravagore missed and landed in the middle of nowhere.

In his third turn, he finally decided to call his feat and Lylyth managed to kill all 5 Hex Hunters engaging her warbeasts, though she had to spend a lot of focus to make sure she could hit them, as they were DEF18 in melee, requiring 10s even from her. The Ravagores lit up, killing my injured Scythean and my second Angelius (I think his second Angelius charged it to finish it off), as well as nearly taking out my Ravagore’s Mind aspect (one box left) and narrowly missing Vayl on a long shot. That hurt. On the positive side, the Naga had lost its Spirit and was thus unable to do much and the Shredder was again unable to do much to the Harrier. Still I was on the ropes with 3 heavies down and only the Ravagore left, as well as most of my infantry having died.

But then I saw it: Lylyth was standing in a forest which my Ravagore could completely ignore and well within 20 inches of it. So it was make or break time and it advanced, cast its animus, boosted to hit, hit and boosted damage to kill Lylyth in one fell swoop. This also meant that I got over 50 kill points, as most of his army was in his battlegroup. Neither of us had scored a single scenario point (it was the one with two flags and an objective within 5” of each flag, Two Fronts?)


Monthly update: Chaos Cultists army project, part 1

Hi there!

Last month has been quite hectic for me as private life struck very hard, but more on that in a later post. Hobby-wise, I have been working on two fronts, painting and building a new Chaos army for Warhammer 40k and playing my first Warmachine tournament.

The Chaos army I have been working on is something I have been mentioning before, but have taken my first steps towards really building, a Lost and the Damned Chaos Cultists army. Avid readers might remember that I recently played against a version of this list and the discussions I had with Thierry before and after the game influenced some of the choices I have made. I have also been bitten by the painting bug recently, so I have managed to churn out units at a steady pace, which is also kind of essential in an army that will number about 250 miniatures in the end. In fact, we have been joking about using it in a tournament just to annoy the die-hard tournament players out there, because there is no way you can get a game beyond turn 2 in 2 hours if you have to deploy and move that amount of miniatures each turn, especially if some of them can even return to the game after being destroyed.

I have so far managed to paint the HQ, an Arch-Demagogue and his Command Squad, as well as two Enforcers, so I can tick the HQ box as finished.

The Arch-Demagogue will be kept light and simple as far as equipment goes, he is just a simple human after all, so there is no point giving him expensive gear as any serious assailant will murder him. He will be given a Covenant of Tzeentch, because that unlocks Chaos Spawn as non-compulsory troops choices and also lets his unit snapshot on a 5+, so it will give me some anti-flyer tech. He will also receive the Master of the Hordes devotion that lets me field units of up to 30 instead of capping at 20. In addition, any unit of Heretics with a starting strength of 15 or more goes into reserves on a 5+ if they are destroyed or flee off the table, so I could get another wave of warm bodies after the first one has been destroyed. And with T3 and no armour saves, they will drop in swathes. His Command Squad will have a Grenade Launcher, simply because I had one in my Necromunda gang.

The Enforcers are also taken from my Necromunda gang. They are attached to units and give them +1 Ld (maximum of 10) and a re-roll to all failed Ld-checks by shooting a model to make an example of it, as they are in essence  the Chaos version of the Imperial Commissar. In addition, they each have a Combat Drugs Injector that gives their unit Rage, so they can actually overwhelm superior-quality units by virtue of dogpiling them with superior numbers. They also each have a Power Axe, as I could not find a more fitting equivalent of the gigantic chainsaw one carries.

As you notice, all these models are taken from the Necromunda Redemptionists range, as I used to play that gang back in the days. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure my Enforcers match the visual style of my Command Squad, as I see them as the hard core of the heretics, whipping the rest of the army into a frenzy. As the Enforcers will join other units, they should also have a unique visual quality that makes them stand out from the models around them, just like the black-coated Commissars stand out in units of camo-wearing Cadians and Catachans.

A unit of Cultists with 2 Autocannon weapon teams. All models are taken from the Necromunda Delaque range, but I initially bought and used them as Cultists for my 4th edition Alpha Legion army. I have another 10 with another Autocannon team and I plan to run them as a 30-strong unit with the Covenant of Tzeentch, Milita Training and a Chaos Sigil. With the Covenant, they have 3 BS2 Autocannons to down flyers and Militia Training makes them WS and BS 3 for all other shooting. Finally, the Sigil lets them ignore the first failed Ld-check per game turn. They will be sitting behind an Aegis Defense Line and form the fire support of my army.  And should the opponent manage to dislodge 30 cultists from behind a Defense Line they can cower behind at will (being able to still hit on a 5+ even when pinned), they might still return on a 5+.

These two batches will be combined to form two 20-strong units of Cultists with melee armaments. Each unit will contain a Chaos Sigil (the guys with the Chaos symbols in the unpainted batch) and 3 flamers, as I can have one special weapon or sigil per 5 men in the unit. Their job will be to run screaming at the opponent and pray to their dark goes that at least some survive to get there. The flamers will offset their BS2 and also provide overwatch fire if necessary. Once I am done painting the second batch, I will start a final 30-strong melee unit with a Covenant of Khorne (Shred in the first round of each combat) that will be joined by one of the Enforcers.

And these guys will form yet another melee unit or become my artillery crews. I haven’t decided yet.

These Beastmen are the first batch of 10 of my 50-strong Mutant unit.  I have dug through my bits box to find las and stub pistols and I will scatter the pistols all throughout the unit. In addition, I will get some Ungor boxes, as they actually have some ranged weapons (bows) on their sprues, so I get a wide mix of weaponry that can count as pistols and melee weapons in game. The whole unit will be led by a Champion with the Covenant of Khorne and a Power Axe, as well as an Enforcer, so it will have a staggering 207 attacks with Shred on the charge. Admittedly, they will never all make it, but it will take some effort removing them all for most armies. As the whole unit with Enforcer is only 220 points, I guess I will be the winner either way.

My first Heavy Support unit, two Thudd Guns with mutant, erm, Squat crew.

I have actually managed to get hold of most of the units I want for the army, it is now simply a question of painting them all up. As this will keep me busy over the next few months, I will keep you posted and update my blog regularly, at least I hope.


Battle Report: Vayl, Consul of Everblight versus Major Victoria Haley (Incursion)

As I am currently preparing for my first tournament with Legion of Everblight, I really want to get as many games in as possible, especially against the more common warlocks and warcasters that I can expect to see. This was partly inspired by a Muse on Minis podcast I listened to last week where they discussed the most common matchup one can expect to face and the casters that are very problematic to deal with the first time you face them. And the one that was mentioned most often was Haley2, especially in Incursion. So as I have my own Cygnar army and found a willing victim to take the part of the Cygnar player, we were off to see how my Legion army is going to face off against the blue menace.

I played the same Vayl2 list I have played previously, running Hex Hunters and the Blackfrost Shard to clear out infantry and 4 heavy warbeasts to do the heavy lifting. The Cygnar list was a pretty standard list inspired by the lists I found online:

Major Victoria Haley



Centurion (bonded to Haley)

Journeyman Warcaster

Gastonne Crosse

Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

Gorman Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist

Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers

Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer

Lady Aiyana and Master Holt

Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team

Horgenhold Forge Guard (max)

Vayl won the starting roll with a 7 to 4 and chose to go first, letting Haley pick her side.


This is the Legion army after deployment and Advance Deployment. The Shepherds stand in front, ready to take cover behind the Angelii once they have flown forward. The Scythean goes to the right flag with an Angelius, ready to swing into the centre if necessary. The pot is deployed in a way that allows it to either swing to the right flag or go to the centre, depending on the Cygnaran deployment. Vayl is next to her Ravagore and the Angelius is deployed behind it as it has a potential 18″ movement due to the tier bonus, so it can move forward to keep pace with the first line, but does not block a place in the front row during deployment. I have to remember that one. The Blackfrost Shard comes next, then the Bloodseer and finally the Hex Hunters on the left to move quickly through the forest and harry that flank.


Cygnar’s battleline: Dougal is on the extreme flank to engage the Scythean or Angelius or try to snipe out Shepherds. The Hammerdwarves are next to it with Rhupert next to them to let them walk through the forest. Then the central group with the Black 13th, Gorman, Centurion, Thorn and Haley and Junior behind them. Then we have Aiyana and Holt and Gastonne with the Gun Mages on the extreme right to engage the infantry.


Both sides facing off before the game starts.


Turn 1 Legion: Everyone generally moves up. The lunchladies decide to go to the centre as the Forge Guard will be dealt with by the Scythean which will probably use Slaughterhouse to cancel Tough if Rhupert gives it to them. They then kill three of themselves with backstrikes and the pot creates a Shredder. The left Angelius gets Refuge. Vayl and the Shredder spam Tenacity, making sure each heavy gets it. The Hex Hunters hide in the forest to try and engage the Gun Mages next round (as they have 14″ run move and Snipe gives the Mages 14″ range, so should a few survive, they could take the Pistoleers out of the game for good.


Turn 1 Cygnar: Haley allocates one to each warjack and keeps 6. The army performs a general advance to the centre, hoping to score next round and put pressure on me. Dougal flanks hard to avoid being charged but to be in range next turn. Aiyana kisses the Angelius and Holt does a little damage to it, but misses on the second shot, needing a 7 to hit. Gastonne tries to outdo him, but also misses on one boosted shot. Junior casts Arcane Shield on Haley to avoid a random Ravagore hit killing her. Haley casts Deceleration and Deadeye on the Gun Mages over Thorn. She advances, gets the complete army apart from the Pot into her control zone and yells: ‘Feat!’ Time to clench my cheeks together and weather the storm I guess. The Gun Mages kill all 3 Hex Hunters that are in 14″ after moving. Gorman runs over to shield the Gun Mages next round as the Hex Hunters are the only ones that cannot ignore the clouds (apart from Vayl).


Turn 2 Legion: Vayl upkeeps Refuge and Haley decides how I should activate, trying to be as inconvenient as possible. The Shepherds have to go first and one heals the central Angelius to get all its aspects back. The Hex Hunters, Blackfrost Shard and Bloodseer hide in or next to the forest to avoid being gunned down by the Gun Mages. I leave three Hex Hunters slightly forward to lure the Gun Mages closer forward, whereas the rest stays more than 3” from the edge of the forest to be invisible, but within potential run range if the Gun Mages move up to finish the first few. Vayl again drops a number of Tenacities, as well as Admonition on the Ravagore in case the Centurion gets frisky. She also cast Occultation on herself. The Angelius on the right stay in place and shoots Dougal, killing him with a boosted shot. On the other flank, the Angelius reasons that if it was in 12” of Gastonne when he shot, it should also be in 12” of him. Another boosted shot and the mercenary warcaster goes down, letting the Angelius Refuge closer to the Bloodseer to threaten the Gun Mages or anyone moving to either the left or central flag. I was lucky here, being able to twice roll an 11 on three dice, which is 0.5 above average. Speaking of lucky, the Ravagore tried to shoot Watts, but missed on a boosted shot. The shot only scattered one inch to the 2, catching Haley, Watts and Lynch. As the animus was up, I boosted on Watts and Lynch to be certain to kill them and ‘only’ lighting Haley on fire, as there was no way I could deal damage to her with ARM 21 thanks to Deceleration, Arcane Shield and two Focus camped. The Shredder casts Tenacity on a Scythean and moves closer to the well. Then the pot is finally allowed to move and is pushed up before another lunch lady is thrown in the pot.


Turn 2 Cygnar: I managed to do some damage, but being unable to move and fire has seriously put me on the back foot. Turn 1 Haley feat is mean! To make matters worse, the fire on Haley immediately goes out. Aiyana and Holt advance towards the Ravagore, then she kisses it and Holt lets rip, doing 5 damage at dice -5. The Journeyman upkeeps Arcane Shield on Haley, then takes a shot at the Ravagore, doing four points of damage as well. Haley casts Telekinesis to move two Dwarfs out of the forest, followed by Deceleration and a Deadeye on the Gun Mages, camping one taken from the Squire. Rhupert gives the Forge Guard Pathfinder again and they issue a run/charge order to spread out in two-men groups to be able to countercharge my Scythean and Angelius if necessary, making sure that neither of them can engage more than one pair. Two of them charge the Scythean and one spikes a 20 on 4d6, so the Scythean takes a respectable 20 total damage, losing its Spirit aspect in the process. Ryan moves up to the well, easily executing the Shepherd and then dealing 5 damage to the Shredder next to Vayl. The Centurion casually walks up to the central flank and puts up Polarity Field to be unassailable. Thorn moved closer to the right flag when Haley arced Deadeye through it, so it can now just walk up the right flag and touch it. The Gun Mages kill the three Hex Hunters I used as bait and then pump some shots into the Angelius, but failing to pierce its ARM18 under Tenacity. Gorman drops a cloud on some Gun Mages. At the end of the turn, Haley scores two points for controlling the central and right flag, with the left one being contested between the Scythean and the Forge Guard.


Turn 3 Legion: Yikes, 2-0 already and two tough warjacks sitting on objectives. This could be over this turn if I do not manage to do some damage soon. Vayl only upkeeps Refuge and drops all other spells. Thanks to Haley slowing me down, I actually only had 8 Fury on my beasts, so no Threshold tests to take. The pot moves up two inches and another lunch lady goes in. The Shredder goes Rabid and eats Ryan, healing itself for 3 damage and sitting on the well facing the central Cygnaran group, in case Vayl needs an Arc Node later on this turn. Time to clear some objectives. The right Shepherd heals two damage on the Scythean, then it kills the two Forge Guards next to control the flag. The Bloodseer flies closer to Thorn. The Blackfrost Shard advances, Sevryn casts Ice Cage on Thorn, only hitting thanks to the +2 Telemetry bonus, Rhylyss kisses Thorn and Vysarr Ice Bolts it, doing no damage. Angelius Time! It flies to engage Thorn, boosts the Armour-Piercing attack and damage to deal a monstrous 14 damage (which is actually below average as I rolled an 8 on 3d6), but fortunately knocking out the shield arm, so the next attacks would be POW16 against ARM16 due to the Kiss, so dice even. Another two attacks later, Thorn is wrecked and the Angelius overtakes an inch to touch the now vacant flag. The Hex Hunters run out of the forest and engage four Gun Mages. The Ravagore moves closer to the central flag to contest it, then shoots two Forge Guard, boosting all rolls to kill both of them. Time to have Vayl do her thing. She moves closer to the well and uses her feat. Purification drops Arcane Shield on Haley, who is Icy Gripped (boosted to hit) next, but I do not wish to engage her directly with Obliteration as I do not wish to give her access to it in case she survives. Refuge is cycled to the right Angelius, the Shredder is hit with the Oraculi and turned into an Arc Node, luckily surviving the hit thanks to the three damage it recovered from Ryan. Vayl casts Admonition on the Ravagore to let it move away if the Centurion engages it and Occultation on herself to be immune to any shots Haley and the Journeyman might want to put into her. Finally, she unleashes two Obliterations to clear away the two last Forge Guard between the Angelius and Haley. As the Angelius now has a free charge lane, it swoops into Haley, boosting to hit and hitting on exactsies (needing 10s due to her having DEF 16 (16 + Set Defence – Icy Grip) and then putting her down by rolling a 13 for 15 damage!


Nothing is quite as satisfying as watching a Haley on her back.

I admit that I made a few lucky rolls the last turn, hitting exactsies whenever I needed them on both 2d6 and 3d6. Still, the odds that I should be able to kill at least some of my targets were there and I would have been in a pretty good position for the next few turns, as the Gun Mages were tied up by the Hex Hunters who would have received support from the Bloodseer next round to finish them off. The Angelius and Ravagore would have threatened the Centurion and forced it to commit to engaging one of them, then letting the other one counterattack. With the Blackfrost Shard still in good shape, the Centurion would have been reduced to a more manageable ARM of 19 or 12 against the Armour-Piercing strike, so it too would have suffered next turn. Aiyana and Holt were still around, but they could only do so much. The Dwarves were down to 4 and failed their Command check, so they would not have done anything next turn either. Going back to the game, the double Obliteration on Haley would have been the safer option, I still had 6 Fury left after dropping the Icy Grip, so I could have boosted both to hit rolls on a 6+ and done dice+1 damage on either to deal 16 damage on average, one more than needed. I should revisit the match-up with Haley starting, as this will be a different game I think.


100th post battle report extravaganza!

Believe it or not, but this will be the 100th post on my blog and to celebrate the opportunity, I will try to include as many battle reports as I can, so here we go for a spectacular tale of murder, mayhem and dice rolls.

Game 1: Absylonia, Terror of Everblight versus Vlad, the Dark Prince

In this game, I played against a fairly new player, so I tried to make an Absylonia1 list that was not too mean, so I avoided double Angelius and other nasty stuff. This would also be a good opportunity to try out things like the Afflictor and the Striders. The scenario was again Two Fronts, which I seem to roll up all the time these days.

I ran:

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight






Naga Nightlurker

Spawning Vessel

Strider Rangers

Strider Deathstalker

The Forsaken

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Blighted Nyss Shepherd


He ran:

Vlad, the Dark Prince



Kovnik Andrei Malakov (the Journeyman)


Kovnik Jozif Grigorovic

Winter Guard Infantry (10) with UA and 3 WA


Battle Mechanics (4)



Eyriss, Angel of the Retribution


He won the roll for first turn and deployed most of his army centrally, using the jacks to shield Vlad and Malakov and the Winter Guard between them. Vlad’s battlegroup was closer to his objective and Malakov closer to mine. The Mechanics split up to stay behind all the Warjacks to repair them without breaking formation. The Widowmakers went on his right behind a wall during AD, Fenris was all alone on the right flank before the Manhunter and Eyriss deployed ahead of him.

I deployed the Ravagore, Naga and a Shepherd opposite Fenris (and then opposite the other two once they advance deployed) close to my zone, Absylonia centrally with the Scythean, the Spawning Vessel and Raek, while the Afflictor and Angelius went closer to his zone. The Deathstalker and Rangers went into a forest on that side too, to get either close to the Widowmakers if they got over their wall or to flank the Winter Guard Infantry and start whittling them down.

He pushed his flanking force of Fenris, Eyriss and the Manhunter forward, even after I warned him about the range 14 gun on the Ravagore. He thought he was out of range of it after moving. The Widowmakers ran up to their wall and started getting cosy there. Vlad realized that he had walled himself in behind the Warjacks, so they ran forward, then he advanced behind them and camped the rest. Malakov and his ‘jack did the same, but he did not want to cast Redline yet, which I think was a mistake. The Winter Guard was made Tough and Fearless and Bobbed and Weaved to form a second wave.

I advanced my centre and right flank, putting Forced Evolution on the Angelius who went into his zone to threaten Vlad’s ‘jacks. The Scythean also toed into that zone and got riled for 3 (so 4 in total) to let the Forsaken hiding behind it absorb 4 Focus points. The Afflictor hid behind the Scythean. The Striders ran up to form a line in front of the two Warbeasts, arguing that DEF15 is difficult to hit for MAT6 Khador heavies. The Deathstalker went to their right flank to start picking off infantry next turn. The Widowmakers were too far away from them to shot them next turn, so no problem, right? The Raek went to the middle of the board after Abbie cast Playing God on it. I also had the lunch ladies pull their pot into a central position, then they pummelled each other to make a Shredder that put Tenacity on the Raek and got into a position to be annoying next round. Then the Ravagore advanced 6 inches, was clearly in range of the Manhunter (the distance was 13”, so no contest), then blasted it and Eyriss whilst placing a Scather template in front of Fenris, before the Shepherd pulled off the 4 Fury on it. That must have been my opponent’s first ‘Blight Makes Right’ moment. The Naga ran closer to the objective in my zone.

In his second turn, Vlad handed out some focus, then cast Signs and Portents and called feat. His Devastator then casually charged my Deathstalker, even getting into base-to-base thanks to now having a 11” charge. It opened its shell to use Rain of Death and the Deathstalker and 3 Striders simply turned into red mist. The Juggernaught then charged another Strider and put it down. I collected no corpses as I was out of range. The Winter Guard bobbed and weaved and only the Rockets ended up being in range of the Scythean, dealing a bit of damage to it, but not really hurting it much. However, the Afflictor also lost a few boxes in its body. The Widowmakers had to move again to see past the Devastator and most of them tried to shoot the Angelius, but failed to hit it. The one that didn’t shoot the Angelius hit the Afflictor and took out its Body aspect. Malakov and his Juggernaught went for my zone after putting Redline on it. The Mechanics ran behind the Warjacks after their burst of speed. Kovnik Joe made the Winter Guard Tough again. Fenris engaged the Ravagore with a run, riding through the Scather.

Right, time for some payback. The Ravagore moved as much as possible without leaving Fenris’s melee range (or its own for that matter), then unhorsed him with a single boosted to hit and damage attack (the one point he had lost from the Scather doing him in), then put another boosted to hit into him to force a Tough check, then bought a final attack to prod him until he died. Fenris went into the pot. Then the Shepherd took off all the Fury again. The Naga tried to shoot Malakov, but he redirected it into a Winter Guard who failed his Tough check. The Naga looked at the Juggernaught in front of it and gulped. The Angelius charged the clamjack, hoping to murderate it, but only rolled a 4 on 3d6, so did not do that much damage after all, even at dice +7. Still, it took out an arm with the attack. It then bought two additional attacks (I always boost the Armour-Piercing * attack) that actually did a respectable amount of damage and took out the other arm too. The Afflictor then flew over it, risking a free strike but with only one dice to hit, nothing happened and it engaged 3 Widowmakers in melee. The Scythean charged the Juggernaught and mauled it quite badly, tearing off the Ice Axe. Absylonia moved behind the two Warbeasts and Warjacks and dropped a Blight Field that covered both Khador heavies, so no allocation next turn. She also put Tenacity on herself and the Scythean. The Shredder engaged a Winter Guard and stood in a position to block all moves from one zone to the other. The Raek ran headfirst into the main Winter Guard group, engaging 6 of them in melee. As he had allocated 3 Focus to the Juggernaught last round and only needed 1 to splat a Strider, the Forsaken felt lucky and dropped its Blight Shroud on a dice -12 on 4d6, but only rolled an 8 in total, so no luck. It did however scare the Mechanics, who would be fleeing next turn. So at the end of his turn, I had two Warjacks that are nearly crippled, a third one that was running rampant through my zone with only a Naga and a Ravagore to stop it and most of his infantry tied up, but Vlad and Malakov still going strong.

With nothing to allocate, Vlad just cast Signs and Portents and camped 3. The Winter Guard gained boosted attack rolls and dropped the Raek to three wounds and the Shredder to four. They also killed the Forsaken with a combined ranged attack. The Widowmakers failed to do much to the Afflictor, but the unengaged one shot Abbie for three damage. The clamjack used another Rain of Death to kill the last two Striders (who had just rallied after fleeing the turn before) and deal nine points of damage to the Angelius on a double 5. The Juggernaught also hit the Scythean for 13 damage despite having lost its axe, Signs and Portents did help a lot there. The other Jugger slew the Naga, then dealt some damage to the objective. Malakov tried to shoot the Shredder, but missed it and the Winter Guard in melee with it. The Mechanics rallied.

I took off all the fury from my central Warbeasts, leaving the Shredder and Raek on full as they were surrounded by enemies. The Shredder missed due to not having a Mind anymore and the Raek killed one Winter Guard. In my activation phase, the Afflictor went first and killed two Widowmakers, one of whom turned into an Incubus who charged and killed the unengaged one whilst the Afflictor tied up the last one. The Scythean luckily still had its Spirit and Body and with the Juggernaught’s poor DEF after losing its movement system, it dropped it to two damage. Then Absylonia charged it, used her feat to heal the Angelius, Scythean, Afflictor and Raek, cast Tenacity and the +2 STR mutation on herself and then put the Juggernaught down with two swings, camping 4 after boosting the second damage roll to be sure. The Angelius rammed its tail into the Devastator to destroy it, doing a massive 22 damage with one swing. The Ravagore considered going after the Juggernaught to tie it up, then spotted Vlad about 19” away. So off it went, Vlad turned out to be in range and took a volley of blight right in the face, being set on fire in the bargain. The blast also killed three Winter Guards, two of whom had been fighting the Raek.

Vlad continued to burn, dropping to 5 wounds after the hit and the fire, so it was now or never. The few unengaged Winter Guard (I think 3 and the officer) got another speech from Joe before he tried to kill the Shredder, but rolled double 1s on damage (he was actually a bit miffed at that, but then I pointed out that it had two Fury and was in Abbie’s control zone, so she could have reaved to 6 to be immune to assassination). The Guard had a clear line of sight to Abbie, but she was DEF21 for hiding right behind a wreck marker and having Tenacity up, so even with a boosted attack roll, their combined ranged attack missed her. The Juggernaught took about 25 points of damage off the Ravagore, but that combat was a side show at that stage. Malakov shot the Shepherd next to the Ravagore to make a point or gain XP or something like that. The Mechanics scatteredIt all boiled down to Vlad versus Abbie, who had 13 damage boxes left after healing her beasts last turn. He cast Blood of Kings to hit on 7s, then charged in, easily making it despite the wreck marker. He swung in, hit and the Raek took 14 damage when she shunted to it. The dagger hit and she took it, going to 3 boxes. He still had 3 Focus left and Abbie had 3 transfers up with enough beasts to take them, so it was clear that he was dead at this point. We still rolled it out and he did about 20 more damage to various beasts.

In my turn, the Angelius killed his objective for the point (it was a regular game, but one should always keep up the form to stay in tournament shape), then the Afflictor killed the last Widowmaker to make a second Incubus. Both Incubi then charged into the Winter Guard, killing two of them and tying up another two. Seeing no more chance of doing more damage, Absylonia increased her Strength, then killed Vlad with a single boosted attack.

Game 2: Vayl, Consul of Everblight versus Lich Lord Asphyxious

In this game, I ran the same eVayl list as in the previous report with her, so my army was:

Vayl, Consul of Everblight





Nephilim Bloodseer

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Blackfrost Shard

Hex Hunters (max)

Spawning Vessel


My opponent ran:

Asphyxious 2



Warwitch Siren

Satyxis Captain

Satyxis Raiders with UA

Bane Lord Tartarus

Bane Knights (max)

Bane Thralls (min)

Bile Thralls (min)

The Withershade Combine


We were lazy, so stuck to Two Fronts as that was still up from the game before. I won the roll to go first, deploying my Blackfrost Shard on the left, then the Hex Hunters and Nephilim Bloodseer next to them, an Angelius, Vayl with the pot and the rest moving on from there. He put the Bile Thralls, Nightwrench, Warwitch and Asphyxious opposite my left, then spread out to his left.

Long story short, I ran forward, but tried to stay out of maximum Encarnate plus Bile Thrall range with my Hex Hunters and Shard, he powerboosted the arc node, had it run forward and Asphyxious charged a Bane Thrall who had moved up to give him a speed boost, killed it, cast Hellbound to upkeep it for free with the Withershade Combine, then arced Excarnate through the Nightwretch to find out it was 6” away from a Hex Hunter with Stealth. Denied! He moved up the rest of his army to engage my Warbeasts on the right with his Raiders, so I was under a lot of pressure even after surviving the Excarnate bomb.

But Asphyxious had exposed himself to pull off the trick and was now rather close to the Blackfrost Shard, close being about 15 inches in this case. So the Nephilim ran close to Asphyxious to give a Telemetry bonus before the Shard moved up and crucially being in his back arc as he had had to turn around to hit his charge target. Sevryn hit him with an Ice Cage to make him DEF13 (11 in the back arc), before Rhylyss and Vyssar cast Ice Bolts on him, which dropped him to about ten boxes. One of the Hex Hunters was also in range and hit him with a Blight Bolt for another 4 boxes before the Angelius landed nearby and finished him with a boosted shot for a turn 2 kill where I had not killed a single model apart from the warcaster.

Game 3: Vayl, Consul of Everblight versus Lich Lord Asphyxious (Two Fronts because we were still lazy)

We used the same armies as in the game before, so look into the post above for the lists. It is a short post, so you should find them easily. Don’t worry, this game was much longer and a bit of a slugfest in the end.

I again won the roll for first turn or rather my opponent rolled a ‘1’ and I didn’t bother given that I got +1 on the roll anyway. As this game was longer, I will go into more details.

I deployed my Blackfrost Shard again on the extreme left, but this time without the rest of the mage package. I wanted to split them up as I had gained more respect of the Bile Thralls and wanted to force him to choose which part of it he wanted to kill. I dropped a Ravagore and an Angelius next to them with a Shepherd to shepherd them. Vayl and the pot went to the middle, then the Scythean who stood parallel to his control zone’s central edge and the second Angelius next to it. The Hex Hunters and the Nephilim deployed opposite his control zone.

He deployed the Bane Knights, the Warwitch, the Nodebot and Bane Lord Tartarus opposite the Blackfrost Shard and the two beasts on my left, then a central block consisting of Malice, the Bile Thrall in a conga line and the Withershade Combine, finally deploying Asphyxious and the Bane Thralls in a forest close to his control zone. The Satyxis Raiders deployed in front of Asphyxious, spread all the way to the middle to cover the central units too. The Captain hid in the second line as I had tied him up in turn one of game one by having the lunch ladies kill each other and then popping out a Shredder at maximum distance to have it go rabid and engage the Captain before she could do anything useful.

Given that he had spread out more, as had I, I ran most of my stuff forward, but trying to stay more than 16 inches from the Satyxises. Vayl dropped Refuge on the right Angelius, then put Admonition on herself and some Tenacities on assorted models, thanks to the Shredder the lunch ladies had spawned. As predicted, it had not managed to engage the Captain, but was close enough to her to force someone to deal with it. And even if it died, it was for free. Nothing exciting happened.

My opponent moved Malice over to deal with the Shredder, which it did, but losing its soul token to do so (and not gaining a new one because Legion). The Bane Knights ran up to my control zone, ending up just in front of it. Tartarus and the Warwitch moved in behind them. The Raiders were ordered to run with Desperate Pace and two of them engaged my front Hex Hunters, while the rest moved up more conservatively and most ended up next to his objective. His Arc Node bonejack did a full sprint, but forgot that Angelii have reach and ended up losing twelve boxes, including its Arc Node. Asphyxious and the Bane Thralls moved out of the forest. Asphyxious also put two Caustic Mists in front of my Hex Hunters to stop them from charging into the Satyxis Raiders. The Withershade Combine and the Biles followed the first line, trying to stay out of my range to be a second wave. The Combine moved closer to my control zone though.

Starting turn two, I was not sure what to do, as I did not want to give the Bane Knights a Vengeance move, but had not enough firepower to wipe them out. I also did not want to hand him control of the battle either, meaning that I had to find a way to do some damage without overextending or opening myself up to an alpha strike. So Vayl just upkept Refuge and dropped Admonition, incorrectly thinking that this might be a feat turn. The plan was to take out his support to weaken his army. The lunch ladies pulled the pot to the right and tried to kill the Satyxis engaging 4 Hex Hunters, but failed to hit her. The Bloodseer flew into the Caustic Mist, taking a damage, to use Telemetry and to kill a Satyxis there. The Hex Hunters shuffled around to attack the two Raiders engaging 5 of them, whilst the other half of the unit moved to the right to see two Raiders sheltering behind the clouds (I got some line of sights without seeing through the cloud). They killed the two in melee, but I could not hit the Nightwretch with my Battle Wizard shots. The ones on the right also killed their targets. Two Raiders went into the pot. The Scythean did not want to commit right away, so it walked over and dismantled the Nightwretch with two blows. The central, Refuged Angelius charged a Bile Thrall and killed it easily, then overtook into a second Bile Thrall which it also killed. It Refuged away a bit. Vayl activated, switching Refuge on the other Angelius after making the Scythean an Arc Node, Icy Gripped the Bane Knights and cast Admonition on the first Angelius . The now-Refuged Angelius advanced to shoot Tartarus who had a larger base than the Knights in front of him, but missed with a boosted shot, so no Refuge for it. Ooops. Luckily, the Ravagore showed it how it’s done and hit Tartarus, dealt 7 damage to him plus set him on fire, killed the Warwitch next to him and lit up a Knight too. The Blackfrost Shard ran to the centre, hiding behind the two Warbeasts. Not a spectacular turn, but I had tied up most of his stuff and taken out some of his support units. The fact that his Arc Node was dead and that Asphyxious was so far on one side made me feel optimistic too.

So back to Christian and his turn 2. Tartarus fortunately burnt to death, as did the Knight next to him. Result! The Bane Thralls went first and spread out to cover as much area as possible with their Dark Shrouds. The Bile Thralls moved up as far as possible, but did not purge yet. His Raiders mostly charged the Bloodseer who had a Thrall next to it and it took another 18 damage, ending up on 3. The Bane Knights charged the objective, dealing 9 damage to it, the Ravagore, dealing 15 damage to it, and the Angelius, who was not hit. Ouch. I guess they had to die now. Asphyxious killed two Hex Hunters with a Hellmouth and collected their souls with his sword. The Withershade Combine did not do much of note, maybe some points of damage to the central Angelius, who ended up using its Admonition to move 3 inches sideways when Malice moved close to it, thereby engaging it to prevent it from using the Harpoon but staying out of Malice’s own melee range.

In my third turn, I decided it was time to feat, so I dropped all upkeeps. The Blackfrost Shard engaged the Bane Knights, killing the one hitting the objective and one of the two engaging the Ravagore. Then the Angelius in my zone activated and killed four Bane Knights, including the one engaging the Ravagore. Even the Shepherd in the zone killed one, so there were only two left. The Ravagore took a shot at the Withershade Combine behind Malice, killing their leader, setting the other two, a Bile Thrall and Malice on fire. The Nephilim took a swing at the objective and dealt it a bit of damage, but lost a wound in return (we both used an Arcane Wonder). The Hex Hunters moved around the new Caustic Mists Asphyxious had dropped and fired Blight Bolts into the Bane Thralls and Raiders in his zone. The Scythean moved into position to become an Arc Node. Then Vayl called feat, dropped two boosted Obliterations on the objective to kill it as well as doing another wound to the Nephilim, more Satyxises died, so he only had two left at this stage (the game went so long that the mid-stage is a bit blurry right now). She gave herself Admonition, Occultation on the Scythean because it was free, Refuge on the Angelius engaging Malice and moved closer to my control zone. That Angelius took a huge swing at Malice that damaged it quite a bit, then flew over him to sit in the Scather pool, engaging the Withershadow Combine, Malice and two of the three remaining Bile Thralls. I went ahead 1-0.

All the fires went out though, so no other members of the Combine died. Then Asphyxious happened. It all started really well, the Bane Knights used their Vengeance move to get behind the Angelius but could not hit it. The Bane Thralls had to regroup, so one engaged the Angelius in his centre who tied up the Combine, Malice and Bile Thralls and the other one engaged the Scythean. The last two Raiders finished off the Nephilim. Asphyxious activated and stuff went south. He dropped his soul-collecting template on top of 4 Hex Hunters, the last two Vessel servants and a Shepherd, then activated his feat to return all 8 Bane Knights and two Raiders. Finally, he excarnated a Hex Hunter and created a Bile Thrall right in the middle of his control zone. Hmmm. The two returned Raiders charged the two last Hex Hunters on the extreme right (the other four were in the centre), but failed to hit them. The Bane Knights overran my Scythean. Then the Bile Thralls got their turn and shit got real. There were only two of them that could move without taking free strikes, but that was enough. The one in the centre exploded and killed everyone under Asphyxious’s soul template, so he collected 7 souls. It also damaged the pot for 1, which was now full thanks to that explosion. The second one damaged the Ravagore and melted the Angelius, as well as killing a Bane Knight, Sevryn and Rhylyss. Ouch, there goes half my army. The remaining forces in his middle bullied my Angelius some more but it dodged most of their attacks, so I was down to it, a Ravagore, a Shepherd, Vyssar, a melting pot, two Hex Hunters who were fleeing after seeing all their friends melt and Vayl, who looked very worried at this stage. He had the two last members of the Combine, Malice, a Bane Knight in melee with the Ravagore, a last Bile Thrall, a Bane Thrall in the centre of his control zone and Asphyxious. Asphyxious dominated his zone for 1-1.

She then even had to cut herself as so many of her beasts had died outside her control zone. She kept Admonition and Refuge going. Fortunately, I would be able to score a point with her for dominating her zone and maybe take out more of his stuff. The Shepherd healed the Ravagore, which then killed the last Bile Thrall. The Angelius finished off Malice and hit a Combine member for one, then overtook plus Refuged into his control zone to engage Asphyxious. The pot spawned a Harrier that cast Truestrike, then charged the last Bane Knight to kill it. It then sprinted back, nearly making it into the enemy control zone towards the last Bane Thrall. The two Hex Hunters rallied, but could not flee into his zone as Asphyxious and the Thrall were blocking it to them. I dominated to gain a point (2-1).

So, down to the wire it went. Asphyxious and the last Bane Thrall killed off the Angelius, but could not kill the Hex Hunters as they were more than 6 inches from Asphyxious and still had Stealth. The two members of the Combine moved closer to my zone and cast some spells to damage my Ravagore, but barely keeping it alive. We both dominated our zones for a point (3-2).

Vayl upkept Admonition on herself, cutting herself some more and going to four wounds. The Harrier charged and true struck the Bane Thrall on the edge of his control zone, but could not wound it. Unfortunately, I then forgot to sprint into his control zone. The two rallied Hex Hunters finished the Thrall off but could not harm Asphyxious with a Blight Bolt. The Shepherd healed the Ravagore. Vyssar charged the last two Combine members, but failed to hit. The Ravagore moved over and killed one. Vayl decided that Vyssar had failed her for the last time and fired a boosted Obliteration into his back, killing him and the last Withershadian (at some point, I have to learn their names). She then hid behind the objective. As I had not moved the Harrier into the zone, I could only contest it and get a point from dominating mine, going to 4-2.

Seeing how Asphyxious was the only Cryx model left and not in range for any of his spells on Vayl, he decided to take out his rage on the Hex Hunters and the Harrier, killing all of them, ending the game on 5 for Legion and 4 for Cryx.

What a game! I am pretty sure I got some of the details for the middle part wrong, as it was such a slaughter on both sides. In the end, I had barely any models left, with the only meaningful stuff I had left being the Ravagore and Vayl, so if he had kept me from scoring once in between, I do not know how I could have ended the game against a fully-camping Asphyxious who had not lost a single wound that game. Needless to say, we both had a headache after the game.

Game 4: Blood Angels vs Chaos

In the fourth game, I played my Blood Angels versus Thierry’s amazing looking Chaos army, combining a Chaos Space Marine detachment with an allied Renegades and Heretics force. We played a Maelstrom mission, the one where you can steal your opponent’s ‘Secure Objective x’ cards if you could fulfil them before the opponent. I took lots of pictures, so I let them tell the story.


 2015-04-16 16.40.57 2015-04-16 17.23.34

My deployment and first turn advance. I planned to use the tanks to shield the infantry as long as possible. I should have switched the position of the Predator and Sicaran though, as the Sicaran could have hung back more. 

2015-04-16 16.46.51 2015-04-16 16.41.06 2015-04-16 16.41.21

Thierry’s deployment. His deployment zone was quite clustered. He had a Vindicator and Rhino with Marines at the bottom, a horde of Renegades, including 3 Rapiers with Laser Destroyers in the middle. The Warlord was a level 3 Chaos Sorcerer sitting in the Renegade units in the forest on top. He had two Hellblades in reserves too. An amazing-looking army.

2015-04-16 17.23.42 2015-04-16 17.23.39

Turn 1, I drop 10 Tacticals with 3 flamers in front of his army, annihilating most of the command squad and a Renegade unit. The second drop pod lands next to the Leman Russ and 4 melta shots are enough to kill it.

2015-04-16 17.43.09 2015-04-16 17.43.05

The Obliterator countercharges one combat squad and they spend four turns not hitting each other in melee, the other combat squad loses three models and the other two leg it. His Vindicator hits mine and the Sicaran, which also takes three Rapier hits. The Vindicator loses its cannon and the Sicaran is wrecked.

2015-04-16 18.06.55 2015-04-16 18.06.53 2015-04-16 18.07.09

The last drop pod lands and kills a Rapier and causes the crew to flee. The Assault Squad in the rear blows up the Chimera, but the passengers all survive. Two Scout squads with Shotguns outflank, one on each flank and they shoot a few Cultists. My Death Company murders the first Renegades squad on the top flank.

2015-04-16 18.55.08

The Renegades squad with the Sorcerer becomes invisible, then charges the Death Company, actually wiping them out over two rounds of combat.

2015-04-16 19.16.01 2015-04-16 19.16.04

The Chaos Marines wipe out the Scouts, meanwhile the Sanguinary Guard kills the Vindicator. In the end, the Sanguinary Guard kill the Marines, but lose the Librarian (Warlord) as he splits off to maximise Victory Points (I wanted to kill six units to gain d3+3 VPs for one card, obviously failing miserably and killing only 2) and is then machine-gunned by the Hellblades. The nearby Assault Squad killed the Renegades and the last gun crew from the Rapier unit.

2015-04-16 19.16.06 2015-04-16 19.16.08

The Assault Squads kill the Icarus Quad Gun, but only after using it to down one of the Hellblades. The Super Renegades wipe out the Scout Squad and Lemartes on the top flank, but I manage to hold 3 objectives to gain 2 VPs, as well as holding objective 5 which is on one of my cards and two of Thierry’s. As his only remaining units are on top and mine at the bottom, we call it a day there as I have a 12-5 lead in points and he has no units left that are mobile enough to score multiple points per round.

This concludes our fourth battle report and this seems to be a good place to end my 100th post. Thank you all for reading my posts and keeping me motivated. I hope to keep up the good work and post more interesting articles as we go along.


Update: Renegades and Heretics army project, Codex Khorne Daemonkin and two games with Legion and

And we’re back!

The last few weeks have been quiet on the gaming front as I said in the last post, given that I spent most of the week looking after the dogs and the house while the wife is writing her Master’s dissertation and I also didn’t really get a lot of things done painting-wise.

However, I did manage to get some models built and have been working on my Renegades and Heretics list for 40k. During the last Make Love Not War event, Thierry and I had a discussion about the army in general and the units that are good in it and he opened my eyes to two units in the list that I hadn’t really paid attention to. The first unit is the Rapier Laser Destroyer platform which is a cool artillery unit that fires a twin-linked ordnance S9 AP2 shot for a sweet 20 points, though you need to add in Militia training for 10 points per unit and some extra troopers at 3 points each just to make the unit more accurate and survivable. And while you’re at it, you probably should also add an Aegis Defence Line to hide them behind. But given how cheap everything is in this list, I guess there is a case to be made to splurge out a few points to get a wall to hide behind.

Speaking of cheap, the other unit he pointed out are Sentinels, which are a cool 20 points per model for the standard Sentinel profile with WS2 and BS2, though you could pay a flat 40 points to give them the standard WS and BS3, but that defeats the purpose of keeping them cheap and easy. You can play 3 to 6 in a unit and they can replace their standard Multi-Lasers for Heavy Flamers, which makes them amazing in my opinion. So for a cool 120 points, you get 6 AV10 Walkers that can rush up to the opponent, hit them with 6 templates, then charge for S5 Hammer of Wrath hits and some nominal attacks, but to be honest, you run them for the dirt-cheap flamers. The other way to run them is to pay 80 points, so making them 200 points for 6, to add Heavy Armour which makes them front armour 12 and reduces Crew Stunned to Crew Shaken, thus letting them keep moving even when hit and more importantly making them really difficult to deal with for Marines and other mid-range units as they can only glance them on a 6 with Krak Grenades in melee. Continuing the trend of them being cheap, I found a sweet deal on the Internet where I basically paid for three and got six, so yay! This probably means that I now have to go through with that army though and not just put it into my ‘cool armies I have talked about but never got round to playing’ folder. Oh well.

If we stay with GW, they released a new Chaos Codex: Khorne Daemonkin, which mixes Chaos Space Marine and Daemon units, though every unit in the army must have the Mark of Khorne or be Daemons of Khorne. At first glance, I not impressed with it because it takes away a lot of the best units from the Chaos list, such as Obliterators and Vindicators. In addition, I would have hoped that the fact that every unit must have the Mark of Khorne would be reason enough to reduce the point cost of that upgrade to a more manageable level, as it is one of the least interesting Marks at the moment, giving Rage and Counterattack, both of which are only relevant in the first round of a combat. Furthermore, you can also clearly see that it was mostly a copy-paste job, for instance the rules for Daemons of Khorne specifically add +1 to the Strength of Hammer of Wrath attacks for Chariots (as it did in 6th edition), but in the transition from 6th to 7th, Walkers also gained Hammer of Wrath, so while the Defiler, Maulerfiend and Forgefiend all gained Daemon of Khorne which is fairly pointless given their S10 melee weapons, they did not gain +1S to Hammer of Wrath where it actually would have been useful.  However, what I find most annoying is the fact that the whole codex is sold around the idea of gaining a free Bloodthirster if you kill enough models or sacrifice enough of your units, which is a fine idea by itself, only that GW screwed up the rules, so the ‘free’ Bloodthirster (as it will probably be summoned after you have sacrificed a lot of your smaller and cheaper stuff, but even Cultists are 58 points for 8, so not really cheap) will deep strike onto the battlefield, which means it will be swooping. So if you summon it on turn 2, which is difficult enough, it can go into glide mode at the beginning of turn 3, then finally charge on the fourth turn, at which stage the game will already be pretty much over, especially after 8 units of yours had to die before the beginning of the second turn.

On the plus side, it makes all Daemons unbreakable and replaces the Instability rule, making Daemons more survivable than in a Chaos Daemons list, which compensates for the loss of the Grimoire of True Names and the Portalglyph. Once you get over the annoyance of not being able to live the dream of dropping multiple Bloodthirsters, you will also find that some of the other options on the Blood Tithe chart that are actually quite powerful, such as being able to spend 3 points to give everyone Feel No Pain or summon either 5 Flesh Hounds for 5 Blood Tithe points or 3 Bloodcrushers for 6, which is a decent deal. Furthermore, they got rid of the restriction that mortals cannot join Daemonic units and vice versa, so you can take a nice large unit of Bloodcrushers and add a Chaos Lord to have a way of dealing with 2+ armour units and a Herald to give everyone Hatred to go toe-to-toe with other people’s deathstar units. There is definitely a way to synergise by combining mortal and daemonic units, so there might be some hidden gems somewhere in the book.

Still overall I think that the fact that Khorne is one of the weakest gods, i.e. not Nurgle, and that you lose access to all non-Khorne units makes this list not very competitive.


But enough of the 40k bits and bobs, let’s look at the two battles I got to play yesterday. In the first one, I ran a variant of my eVayl list, dropping a Ravagore from my infantry list to add a Nephilim Bloodseer and the Blackfrost Shard. The Bloodseer is classed as a light warbeast, but it has ARM18 and 22 damage boxes, which is rather tough for a Legion light, considering that some of their heavies are barely more resilient, such as Angelii with ARM17 and 25 damage boxes, which in essence boils down to the same over 3 attacks. It has Flight, so it counts towards the tier 3 requirements of her theme force and thus has no hidden cost added. Its animus shuts down all enemies from upkeeping spells in 5” and adds +1 to the cost of all enemy spells cast in that area. The main reason to buy it is its Telemetry ability, which adds a +2 bonus to all my magic attack rolls to targets in 5” of the Bloodseer. So Vayl has a ‘virtual’ Fury 10, the Hex Hunters have Magic Ability 8 and the Blackfrost Shard 9. As I plan to run this list as my main anti-infantry list together with Absylonia2 as my brickbreaker, having 13 infantry models with really high attack scores and the option to make multiple attacks per round will help me thin down enemy numbers to avoid being overwhelmed by armies that really outnumber me, which is always the case with the traditional 6 heavies lists Vayl likes to run.

I played against Steve, who used Gatormen, an army I hadn’t faced before. He ran two units of Gatormen Posse, each model having 8 wounds and ARM 16 (18 if engaged), access to re-rolls to hit against living models or a DEF buff each round. They were supported by two Witch Doctors, who can make a unit Tough and Undead each turn, and who moved behind the Posses to buff them. He also had a Bokur with Shamblers, which is the Gatormen version of Alexia1, adding a Shambler zombie to the unit each time a living model dies in 8”, a light Warbeast to give Spiny Growth (+2 ARM and deals damage to Warjacks and Warbeasts punching the model) and a Ironback Spitter, a heavy-armoured Warbeast that drops acid templates. Two Croak Hunters were his solos, they are quite good to kill living models as they add an extra damage dice on their Throwing spear attacks. There was also a Feralgeist to jump into dead Warbeasts and a Swamp Gobbers Bellows team to make clouds. Finally, he had a Sacral Vault, the new Battle Engine which can collect souls, then use them to boost its attacks or cancel offensive spells targeting models in 3” of it. His Warlock was Rask, who I didn’t really see a lot of, but he has a feat that reduces line of sight to friendly models in his control area to 5 inches.

We played Two Fronts, a scenario with two 12-by-6-inch control zones, one closer to me and one closer to the enemy. Controlling the enemy one or dominating the friendly one gives you 1 point, dominating the enemy one gives you 2. In each zone there is an objective (yours in your zone, the enemy’s in his) and that objective contests the zone for the enemy until it dies. The enemy objective also gives you a victory point if you destroy it. It also used Kill Box, so if your Warlock is completely within 14” of a table edge at the end of your turn 2 or later, your opponent gains 2 VP. As usual, 5 points win you the game. We both chose the Arcane Wonder objective.

He won the roll and elected to choose sides, taking the one with an extra pond, which is great for Gatormen as they can move through it without penalty, being Amphibious. I went first and deployed my Hex Hunters and Nephilim close to my zone, the Warbeasts and Vayl centrally and the Spawning Vessel and Blackfrost Shard on the other flank. He spread out equally, but put the Sacral Vault closer to my zone and Rusk behind it, with a Posse and a Witch Doctor on each side and the Shamblers going towards this control zone.

As I had first turn, I advanced the Hex Hunters, the Nephilim and an Angelius to threaten the Posse near the pond and the Scythean and Ravagore centrally with Vayl, whilst the pot, Blackfrost Shard and the second Angelius moved towards the enemy zone. The lunch ladies punched each other and killed three of them to spawn a Shredder for Tenacity. I put Refuge and Tenacity on the second Angelius, Tenacity on the Scythean and Ravagore, as well as Occultation on Vayl just because.

He moved cautiously forward, making both Posse units Tough and Undead and putting Admonition on Rask and Fury on the Posse in his control zone (henceforth the right). The Vault gained 3 souls from its own special rule (d3 souls if it has none). He also dropped his feat and his whole army was invisible, barring one Gatormen on the left and the Croak Hunter on the right. Right, so much for my alpha strike.

My plan had been to charge the left Gatormen with my Angelius, killing the first one with a boosted Armour Piercing attack, then overtaking to punch a second one, but without Armour Piercing, then charge that one with the Bloodseer before charging in the Hex Hunters to kill off some more of them, then casting their POW13 shots to finish off the rest. On the other flank, the Refuged Angelius should have killed off a few Gators, then get the fuck out of Dodge again. Now they were without target, so I had to improvise. I wanted to avoid getting alphastruck by him next turn, so I decided to back off with the Blackfrost Shard to the extreme flank to keep them going but without exposing them. The Refuged Angelius could see the Croak Hunter who was not in feat range, so charged him, killed him and overtook into the Gatormen. Without Armour Piercing, it could not kill them with a single swing, but just managed to do enough damage to kill one before Refuging away. Then the Shredder went rabid and engaged the rest of that unit before the Ravagore cast its animus and shot it in the back, because that’s what you get for being a Lesser Warbeast, everyone bullies you. The Shredder exploded and the Gatormen went to a wound each (actually we removed them, then noticed that they have +2 ARM as they were engaging the Shredder), but on fire, which killed the unit leader in his turn. On the left, I could not charge the Gatormen, so I only ran the Bloodseer to get all the Gatormen in 5”, then advanced the Hex Hunters and cast some spells on them, only killing one. The Angelius and Scythean advanced cautiously to threaten his Vault without being exposed themselves. I dropped some Tenacities before the Shredder got killed, as well as putting Admonition on the Angelius in the centre.

In his turn, the Sacral Vault dealt ten damage to the Bloodseer, before the Gatormen in the pond went into the Bloodseer and Hex Hunters, killing the Bloodseer and 3 Hex Hunters, who passed their Terror test. This netted the Vault more souls to go to its maximum of 5. The three surviving right Gatormen tried to charge the central Angelius, but I played it cool and waited until he had used his prayer to get a re-roll to hit instead of +1 DEF and Terror and then moved the first two within reach, only using my Admonition (which was marked by a large counter, so no foul play involved) on the last one to get out of range. The Spitter missed its shot and Rask moved to the side to stay behind the Vault, only barely being within the killbox. The Shamblers moved up, but could not do much. Overall, that could have been worse, but the Bloodseer was down and the Hex Hunters were probably dead.

Time to get some damage in and maybe score a few points. His control zone was now rather empty, as the Posse had charged out of it to get the Angelius, so he had only the Shamblers in there. The Posse was also out in the open and even without Tough as the Witch Doctor had been too far away. So in the end, I moved up the Blackfrost Shard and they shot the three Shamblers in front of the Bokur, then the Refuged Angelius charged the Bokur, killed all the Shamblers on the charge attack, then finished off the Bokur with the third attack. So the zone was empty except for the objective. The Ravagore charged it and murdered it with 4 blows, luckily surviving the POW10 hits it causes. Then the Shepherd went in and took off the Angelius’s fury, because Blight Makes Right. Vayl used her feat, but ended up doing not much as the Vault kept most of his guys safe. She had to waste her double Obliterates on the Witch Doctor, but rolled snakes eyes on the first one and not much more on the second one, so he survived on one wound. Vayl also switched Refuge around on the Angelius on the left. She then walked into the now uncontested zone to dominate it.

The Scythean, having stayed centrally last turn, now had the 3 Gatormen who had failed their charge on the Angelius right in front of it in walking distance, so it walked over, did a perfect 7 damage on the first one with the first scythe, hit it and killed it with the second one, then chain attacked one dead and one on a few damage boxes, so two additionals later, they were all dead. He had been out of range for the Witch Doctor’s Zombify, but as I still had Focus left, the Scythean could have used its Animus to ignore it. This way I could also reload my Spawning Vessel to 3 for a Lesser next turn.

On the left, things did not go so well, the Hex Hunters managed to get a few charges in (he had charged the Bloodseer with 3 Gatormen, two of which having no other models in melee range, which is why he had only killed 3 Hex Hunters in his turn) but only killed a single Gatorman and dealt some damage to the others, so there were still 3 left (one had died when they Hexbolted it the turn before). This meant that there was one in front of the Angelius, threatening a free strike if it charged the Sacral Vault. As they had Fury on them, that could have hurt a lot, being dice -1 on 3 dice. So I had to bite the bullet and ignore the Vault this round. The Angelius therefore charged the Gatorman, hoping to kill it and then Overtake into the next ones after the Hex Hunters had hurt them. However, I missed my boosted armour-piercing charge attack and had to buy two extra attacks to kill one Gatorman, then Refuging behind my objective on full fury. That was when I realised that I had already activated the Shepherd on that flank and could not pull the fury off it, so I would have a problem next turn with Vayl still camping 2 Fury and my Warbeasts having about 10 on them. Still, I went to 3-0 for dominating the enemy zone and killing his objective, so he had to contest the zone or kill Vayl to win.

The Feralgeist that had spent the first two turns centrally without doing anything, ran towards Vayl, triggering her Admonition, which she used to move deeper into the zone, further away from his army. He then moved the Witch Doctor into the zone as well to contest it, but then realised that he had no other model to do so, so cast Sacrificial Strike on the Feralgeist to hit Vayl. She took it like a pro, only suffering a bit of damage and waiting for the Spitter and Sacral Vault to hit her. He moved the Swamp Gobbers past my Scythean to take free strikes, as this would get his Sacral Vault up to 5 Souls, but it only hit one of them. Then the Gatormen went on a killing spree and between them and the Witch Doctor, 6 Hex Hunters died. The leader passed his massive casualties check. Rask moved up close to the Gatormen and killed my leftmost Shepherd to further reduce my fury management and force me to leech from the Angelius as it would otherwise have had to attack my objective and most likely kill it.  The Sacral Vault moved closer to Vayl, ending exactly 10″ away from her to shoot her, rolling 2 shots. Luckily, she yelled ‘No’ and threw a snowball in its face to cancel the first shot with her Quick Draw ability. The second one dealt a massive 14 wounds to kill her outright, but she transferred it, then also transferring the boosted hit from the Spitter, that would also have killed her outright. At least that solved a bit of my Fury problem. We were still 3-0.

In my fourth turn, I leeched from the Angelii and the Ravagore (Vayl took one off with Serenity), leaving only the Scythean on two Fury. It promptly failed its check and attacked the Sacral Vault, dealing 9 damage. As I was curious how much damage I could deal, or mean according to our audience, I first moved the Blackfrost Shard up to kill the Witch Doctor in the enemy zone as well as casting Kiss of Lylyss on the Spitter. Then the Ravagore lit it on fire and dealt some damage to it before the right Angelius finished it off. Vayl Obliterated the last Swamp Gobber and camped Fury. The last Hex Hunter moved around the Gatorman to attack Rask, but missed him. Finally, the left Angelius charged the Sacral Vault and took it apart with one strike. I ended my turn and won 5-0 on scenario.

In the second game, right after the first one, I played against a Retribution army led by Ossyan. This was my first game with Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight and I made a few rookie mistakes during the game. I ran:

Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight







Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

The Forsaken

Strider Deathstalker

Objective: Effigy of Valour


He ran (if I recall correctly):

Lord Arcanist Ossyan



Mage Hunter Strike Force with UA

Mage Hunter Infiltrators with Eyriss3

Stormfall Archers

Stormfall Archers


Mage Hunter Assassin

Objective: Arcane Wonder (?)


We decided to use Two Fronts again and he won the roll, deciding to take first turn. Overall, he had a very mobile force with lots of models with Advance Deployment, as well as the potential to wreck multiple Warbeasts during the feat turn. On the other hand, I had a clear advantage in terms of heavy units and would be able to kill off his heavies easily enough if I could get a good feat turn. If I managed to weather the storm of arrows long enough, I should be able to turn it into a game of attrition where my higher ARM values and especially Psycho Surgery would give me a clear advantage.

As I said, he went first, Ossyan, the Magister and the Warjacks went centrally, able to dominate or control either control zone based on how I acted. The Stormfall Archers took the flanks. I concentrated most of my force towards my own control zone (the left henceforth), but with the possibility to swing to the right if necessary. The Scythean, one Angelius, the Forsaken, a Shepherd and the Shredder stood close to my control zone, whilst Abbie, Zuriel, a Shepherd, the other Angelius and the Ravagore were in the middle or oriented to the right zone. Then he deployed the Infiltrators opposite my control zone and the Strike Force close to his zone, with the Assassin going to the extreme right. I dropped my Deathstalker opposite the Strike Force and Assassin, where she could move on top of a hill to be DEF19 if necessary. I did not expect her to do a lot as she could not ignore Stealth, but she would be a good deterrent.

He ran most of his force forward, casting Quicken on Hypnos who ran 16 inches and ended up next to his objective with its Imprint on, making itself and the Strike Force around it immune to blast damage. The Daemon advanced less fast, as did the Archers behind the Mage Hunters. Ossyan and the Magister still stayed close to the middle, whilst the Assassin rushed forward to engage the Deathstalker next turn.

I advanced more cautiously to avoid taking the alpha strike in the face. The Deathstalker fell back to sit on the hill and avoid melee with the Assassin. I shifted my force away from the Mage Hunter Strike Force, moving all my Warbeasts except for the Ravagore close to or into my control zone. Abbie cast Fortify on Zuriel, as well as Tenacity on herself and the left Angelius. Because I felt like experimenting, I also dropped Return Fire on the Ravagore (good idea) and Zuriel (bad idea), which meant that Abbie had no transfers. I mean, what can an Ossyan army do to hurt her? She then charged forward towards the left Stormfall Archers, ending her movement on the rear edge of my control zone. The Scythean and one Angelius ran in front of her, the second Angelius was slightly behind them and closer to the centre after killing an Infiltrator with a boosted shot. Zuriel flew up to shield Abbie, before the Shredder moved behind Zuriel to give it Tenacity. The Shepherd hid in the forest on that side to avoid being shot. The Forsaken moved behind the Scythean and absorbed its 4 fury (I had riled it up to maximum fury). The Ravagore cast its animus, then shot a boosted shot straight at Hypnos, but did only a few shield points’ worth of damage, it also set a few Infiltrators on fire. The right Shepherd hid behind it and took off the fury. All in all, I did some damage and kept my force compact whilst still being able to threaten enough of the field if necessary.

Then Ossyan called Feat. Ups.

He moved up and just barely got Abbie into feat range, but also in range of his gun, which he boosted to hit her and drop her DEF by two, as well as doing some damage. Then the right Stormfalls moved up and shot their sniper shots at her, luckily only hitting her directly once. The left Stormfalls could not see her, but they and the Daemon killed off the front Angelius and dealt some damage to the Scythean. At this stage, my opponent rolled really poorly and I should probably have lost both heavies at this stage. Fortunately, my shift to the left had put most of the Strike Force out of range of Absylonia and she only took two hits from them. Nevertheless, she was at 3 wounds left after all that shooting and had been rather lucky. The rest of the Strike Force shot the Shepherd on the right, before targeting the Ravagore. The first shot did some damage to it, but it retaliated with Return Fire and although the shot missed the elf I targeted, it landed perfectly on top of three that had not shot yet and melted all of them. Hypnos fired at Zuriel, clipping Abbie as well, but did not deal any damage to her and only a bit to Zuriel as it was currently on ARM 22 with Fortify and Tenacity. Zuriel used Return Fire on a group of Infiltrators, but only killing one as RAT 5 is not that good without Predator’s Instinct or boosts. The Assassin tried to engage the Deathstalker but she was an inch out of reach outside of his activation. The Magister moved forward.

So how did Abbie survive that? Pure, unadulterated luck. Note to self: ALWAYS KEEP AT LEAST TWO TRANSFERS UP! Time to counterattack and feat, I guess. Abbie began the turn after leeching all fury and not upkeeping Fortify. She cast Psycho-Surgery, called feat, going back to 5 wounds and healing most of her beasts back to full. She had a nice group of three Infiltrators nearby, so she charged them, needing 7s to hit (of course, I could have cast Predator’s Instinct here to be sure but who needs that?). All her initials and two extra attacks later, she had missed all of them and I had to Teleport her away to keep her safe. Still without transfers, because I am a numpty. The Forsaken walked into the group of 6 Infiltrators in my control zone (the 3 Abbie had missed and another trio) and blew them all away. This opened a charge lane for the Scythean to charge the Daemon and it wrecked it easily enough thanks to the +2 Strength from the feat. The Scythean also blocked access to Abbie by putting itself in a position where it would engage anyone from the centre who tried to move in range to shot Abbie. Zuriel activated and cast Predator’s Instinct (and at latest then I should have remembered that Abbie could also cast it) before flying up close to the Scythean to create a wider zone where the enemy could not move through. It also sprayed into the Stormfall Archers, the Magister and Ossyan, dealing a bit of damage to the two characters and killing two Archers. The right Angelius went for Hypnos, punching straight through its shield and its right arm before the Ravagore went in to wreck it. The Deathstalker backed away from the Assassin, moving over a wall to block line of sight from the Assassin to her, hit the first Strike Force member and moved two inches, then missed the second elf she wanted to kill. I scored a point because Abbie dominated my zone. The Shredder cast Tenacity on Abbie and the Shepherd took off its fury.

In his turn, the left Stormfall Archers aimed as they were in snipe range of Abbie, but fortunately all missed and failed to wound on their scatters, needing 9s to hit and 11s to wound on indirect hits. They however managed to kill the Forsaken. The Magister punched Zuriel twice to open a gap, but did not hurt it much. Ossyan moved into the gap and shot Absylonia with his cannon, but only caused two damage to her, but dropping her DEF by two. The right Stormfall Archers and a few Mage Hunters were in shooting range of her, but also all missed or scattered away. The Assassin charged the Ravagore for 6 damage thanks to its Decapitating Strike. The fact that he had lost both heavies and that my 4 heavies engaged a number of his Strike Force reduced the firepower he could bring to bear on Absylonia and it was clear that he could only win by assassination at this stage as he could not clear his zone and only send a token force to contest mine, so I would inevitably win by scenario, but with Abbie’s low health, I would have to keep up the pressure on him to avoid a lucky hit. I went to 2 points to 0.

In my turn, the Scythean frenzied and engaged Ossyan, but missing him. Zuriel did not frenzy on 3 fury, which would have been great as it could have killed the Magister and got rid of its fury if it had done. As it was nearly full on fury, it cast Predator’s Instinct and attacked the Magister, but could not kill it. At this stage, both of our dice were rather crap. The Shredder cast Tenacity on Absylonia, then went rabid and charged the Magister, also failing to hit him. Absylonia healed herself up to 6, as well as removing most of the damage from her beasts. Due to Ossyan’s gun, she could not charge, so instead advanced to the middle, then teleported towards the back of his control zone with two transfers and just barely managing to engage a Mage Hunter to get +4 DEF against shooting. The Angelius killed the Assasin with a boosted attack to free up the Ravagore, which then had an aimed boosted shot into an Archer next to Ossyan, killing the Archer and setting Ossyan on fire. The Deathstalker finally remembered that she was a DEATHstalker and moved over closer to my control zone, killing a Stormfall Archer in the left group, moving into the zone with its Swift Hunter move, then missing the second one. We stayed 2-0, but Abbie was rather safe as barely any elf was unengaged and she felt safe at DEF 20 in melee.

I feel that this was the moment where my opponent made a mistake, as he sent the last few Mage Hunter Strike Force soldiers into melee with Absylonia and the Angelius instead of sacrificing the one who engaged her by moving him out of melee. As he could only move the unit leader to hit her, he could not really hurt her and she kept the DEF bonus. Ossyan (who had lost his fire token on a 1) moved out of melee, taking a bit of damage, then shot her and actually hit her, but I shunted the damage to the Scythean to punish it for failing to kill Ossyan. The remainder of the force could not do much damage, though the Archers still valiantly chipped away at my heavies. The Magister pummelled Zuriel some more. 2-0 and I had a matchball.

I leeched some fury, then had the Shredder frenzy and finally murder the Magister. Zuriel still did not frenzy, so the Shepherd moved over to take the fury off, then Zuriel went in and killed most of the remaining elves with fire sprays. Absylonia still didn’t remember Predator’s Instinct, so needed all her attacks after casting Psycho Surgery to kill the two elves in melee with her. I hope it will be a lesson to me. In the words of Homer Simpson: Es mi dia primero. Fortunately, the Scythean had no such problems and a boosted attack (now with MAT8 as Absylonia finally managed to kill something) later, Ossyan was very flat and very dead.