The Sturgening: Sturgis1 vs Sturgis2 (King of the Hill)

The time has come for the final showdown to determine which version of the best warcaster is truly the best… Yes, it was time for a Sturge-off!

I first wanted to replicate their old theme forces, but Sturgis2’s theme brings a ton of Mechanithralls and if Cygnar can do one thing, it is easily remove a ton of fragile infantry, so I decided to go for more modern forces.

Sturgis1 brought a Storm Division list, because nothing takes two Arcane Shields better than two units of Storm Lances. This would also allow me to finally play Sir Dreyfus and Gwen Keller (one of whom is not like the other). A Stormclad is a big beatstick and now a point cheaper and the Cyclone’s Covering Fire combos well with Sturgis’s feat.

Commander Dalin Sturgis – WJ: +30

  • Squire – PC: 0
  • Stormclad – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)
  • Cyclone – PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 13)

Sir Dreyfus the Storm Knight – PC: 0

Lieutenant Gwen Keller – PC: 4

Major Katherine Laddermore – PC: 8

Major Katherine Laddermore (Continued)

Journeyman Warcaster – PC: 4

  • Firefly – PC: 8

Stormblade Infantry – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9

  • Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 0
  • Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner – PC: 2

Storm Lances – Leader & 4 Grunts: 20

Storm Lances – Leader & 4 Grunts: 20

(Storm Division)


For Sturgis2, I decided to go with a wave of Banes. They hit hard, interact well with the Desecrator (each side got a jack with Accumulator, can you feel the fluff?) which also combos with Sturgis’s feat and should be able to withstand the Cygnaran firepower better than Thralls.

Sturgis the Corrupted – WJ: +31

  • Desecrator – PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 14)
  • Nightwretch – PC: 7 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)
  • Slayer – PC: 10 (Battlegroup Points Used: 10)

Bane Lord Tartarus – PC: 0
Machine Wraith – PC: 0
Machine Wraith – PC: 0
Machine Wraith – PC: 0

Bane Knights – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

  • Bane Knight Officer – PC: 4

Bane Knights – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

  • Bane Knight Officer – PC: 4

Bane Warriors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16

  • Bane Warrior Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 0

Bane Warriors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16

  • Bane Warrior Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 5

(Dark Host)

Cygnar rolled a 6 to Cryx´s 5, so obviously the dice knew it was on too. Cygnar decided to go first because Sturgis1 wants to cast at least two upkeeps.

Cygnar deployment


Cryx deployment

Round 1:


Sturgis put Snipe on the Stormblade Infantry and Arcane Shield on the left Storm Lances, then teleported forward.


The Journeyman Warcaster put Arcane Shield on the other Storm Lances.


The heat was on, Cygnar ran mostly forward to claim the middle of the board.


Sturgis dropped Parasite on the left riders through the Nightwretch.


For the rest, the Cryxian forces ran up, setting a skirmish line to take the first charge, then counterpunch with the second wave. Both units of Bane Knights triggered their mini-feats to gain Defensive Strike next round. The Desecrator fired a really clutch shot that scattered unto a Lance (dealing one damage), but more importantly putting a 4″ template in front of the Stormblades that would deal an automatic point of damage if they ran through it, thus timewalking them.

Round 2:


Sturgis took a focus from the Squire and upkept both spells.

The Cryxian forces set up a solid defensive line to absorb the Cygnaran charge. If only there was something that could disrup that line… The Cyclone put down a covering fire wall in front of the left unit of Bane Knights, then Gwen Keller hurled a Voltaic Grenade into their direction which scattered beautifully in the centre of the circular zone. The Squire ran up to extend Sturgis´s control zone, then advanced, cast a Lightning Storm into the right unit to kill one and leave a hazard, then feated. It was brutal.


The unit getting dragged through the Covering fire almost evaporated, 8 out of 11 died. The other unit lost quite a few models to the two hazard templates. The photo above shows the casualties of the feat only. Sturgis then teleported away. 


The Storm Lances went in, leaving the Slayer on six boxes, the Nightwretch on ten and the Desecrator on 13 boxes.  For some reason, no systems were crippled. They also killed a few Banes with Electro Leaps. The Firefly and Laddermore used the Machine Wraith to kill three Bane Warriors with Lightning Generators.


Total casualties of the turn. That was brutal!


The Desecrator got full loaded up, but failed to do much, missing two attacks and rolling poorly on another one, so it only dealt 3 damage to one rider in total.


The right Bane Warrior CA used its mini-feat to return two Bane Warriors.


The Bane Warriors waded in and killed two Storm Lances.


Tartarus tried to show his might, but only killed one Storm Lance, leaving the other one on one box.

Sturgis2 charged into the fray and feated, being able to drag in three Storm Lances into damaging race. But as you can see, his dice were cold too and at dice -5, no Lance died. Disappointed, Sturgis made his two initials, but still not killing a model, so he teleported back behind the cloud.

The Slayer threw one Storm Lance into another, but surprisingly only one of them died. The Bane CA on the left used his mini-feat to return one model, then the unit killed two Storm Lances. The Machine Wraith on the left ran into the square zone on that side and the one on the right did likewise. 


The total Cygnaran casualties of the turn.

As all elements were contested, no points were scored.

Cygnar 0 – Cryx 0

Round 3:


The Slayer had taken four damage by standing in the Lightning Storm template, so it was down to 2 boxes and without Movement boxes, so the Journeyman, never missing an opportunity for a cheap shot, boosted its shot and killed it.


Between its regular attacks and electro leaps, the Stormclad killed four Bane Warriors and knocked one down, that got ridden down by a Storm Lance later on.


The Cyclone killed the last two Bane Knights and the Nightwretch. This opened a gap for Laddermore, who charged Tartarus, killing a Bane Warrior with an impact attack, but unfortunately missing her Assault shot, so while she killed Tartarus with her lance, she didn´t take any Bane Warriors out with her Lightning Generator. She then repositioned into the square zone.


The left Storm Lances killed the Desecrator, knocked down one Bane Warrior and leaping into another one to kill it.


Gwen Keller killed the Machine Wraith, who had failed to hit the Storm Lance in the centre. The Stormblades ran in and shot a few Bane Warriors.


Sir Dreyfus leapt onto the flag and Sturgis stepped into the zone too, daring his counterpart to come at him.

Cygnar 2 – Cryx 0


The Bane Warriors decided it was now or never and killed Laddermore (both mounted and dismounted) and a Storm Lance. The Machine Wraith then ran into the circular zone to contest it and the flag.


Sturgis2 charged Gwen Keller, but needed a disappointing three attacks to kill her, as the charge attack missed. As he gets two attacks for one focus, the ´free attack´ he got killed another Stormblade, before he killed another two with another focus.


He then teleported behind a cloud with his two soul tokens.


The Bane Warriors on the right also killed two Storm Lances and the Officer took a huge chunk out of the Stormclad.

All elements were contested, so no scoring took place.

Cygnar 2 – Cryx

Round 4:


Sturgis1 decided to make an aggressive play, charging and killing the Machine Wraith.


The Cyclone shot 4 Bane Warriors.


The Firefly tried to kill the Bane Warrior Officer, but it toughed.

The Journeyman Warcaster put Arcane Shield on Sturgis1, then hid behind the building.


The Stormclad laid into the objective, fortunately rolling low on its first two attacks, so it got three automatically hitting attacks into the objective and killing two Bane Warriors with electro leaps, while also knocking down the Officer with its fist.


The Storm Lances killed the last two Bane Warriors.


Seeing that only Sturgis and a Machine Wraith (on the left) were still alive, Sir Dreyfus leapt onto the enemy caster, but failed to hit him.


The Squire ran unto the flag and with that, Cygnar scored 3 points and won the game. In hindsight, I should have activated differently so Sturgis´s attacks would have happened after the Stormclad had killed the objective, then teleport him unto the central flag and control it, showing who was the true king of the hill.

Cygnar 5 – Cryx 0







If pigs could fly: 3 games with Scaverous and Rorsh & Brine

On Saturday, I played three games at a friend’s house. He organises regular gaming events at his home to grow a small local community. I had brought along a beefier Skarre1 list too, but ended up playing the more casual Scaverous list I had previously run for some Solo Machine games, only switching out Moebius for a Warwitch Siren to have more focus efficiency or if need be a boosted Venom spray during the feat turn.

My list was:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous – WJ: +27
– Doctor Stygius – PC: 0
– Erebus – PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 16)
– Slayer – PC: 10 (Battlegroup Points Used: 10)
– Slayer – PC: 10 (Battlegroup Points Used: 1)
– Deathripper – PC: 6
– Deathripper – PC: 6

Hellslinger Phantom – PC: 0
Rorsh – Rorsh & Brine: 15
– Brine
Warwitch Siren – PC: 0

Asphyxious the Sanctified – Asphyxious & 3 Annihilation Servitors: 14
– Stalker – PC: 8
– Cankerworm – PC: 9
Cephalyx Overlords – Leader & 2 Grunts: 8
THEME: Black Industries

As it was more of a fun event (nothing wrong with that), I gave myself the additional challenge to try and assassinate every opposing caster with Rorsh & Brine.

I took fewer pictures than usual and will keep the reports short.


Game 1 was against Rhyas1 bringing a ton of Swordsmen and three heavies. We first approached cautiously, me using Feast of Worms to collect a few souls and him creating a menacing wall of Weaponmasters.


I used a Slayer to force out an enemy heavy to kill off. The Carnivean went for it, but rolled poorly thanks to two choice Knowledge of the Damned uses to force rerolls on high damage rolls.


This allowed me to use Erebus to throw the Carnivean out of the way, then the Deathripper ran into the forest. Scaverous then did his thing, feated, gained four souls by throwing a Feast of Worms into some Swordsmen, then turned Rhyas around and put Icy Grip on her.


Stygius then TKed Brine before Rorsh moved himself and Brine up with Diversionary Tactics. Brine had taken a single point of damage from the Carnivean´s spray, so it could charge for free and put Rhyas into the ground.

Rorsh 0 –  Brine 1


Game two was against Xerxis2 with a Mammoth, a Hydra and an Animantarax. Unfortunately for my opponent, he underestimated the power of Telekinesis and Feast of Worms combined with Dark Shroud. This let me use Cankerworm and a Slayer to kill the Turtle and the other Slayer, Brine and the Stalker to kill the Hydra.

The Mammoth and Xerxis killed the Slayer, Brine and Stalker in Xerxis´s feat turn.

This let me again feat, turn Xerxis around, cast Feast of Worms on him (damage transferred) and Soul Harvester on the surviving Slayer, which then slew three Beast Handlers. Asphyxious then sent Cankerworm into Xerxis to apply Dark Shroud and force out the second and last transfer before Rorsh put three boosted shots at dice-2 into him to kill him.

Rorsh 1 – Brine 1


Game 3 was against a Vyros 2 heavy brick with double Trident. The central forest was a trap as Vyros could ignore it and it would slow me down. I nearly got a kill turn 1 as Vyros2 was just a quarter of an inch out of getting charging by a Stalker and Cankerworm.

In Turn 2, a Manticore tried to kill the Stalker (which had received Soul Harvester and then killed Eiryss1 for a soul tokenk, but DEF15 is great vs MAT6 and it only took one hit at dice+2 which rolled double 2 to boot. Imperatus and another Ret heavy stood before Vyros to shield him.

Of course, Scaverous does not care about two heavies bodyblocking and three TKs and an Icy Grip later, Vyros was DEF11 in the open. Rorsh got Brine into position, an Annihilation Servitor bit Brine in the butt for an automatic damage point and the pig was turned loose, but rolling poorly, so Erebus (thanks to Bloodthirst from Asphyxious4) got to do the honours.

Rorsh 1 – Brine 1 1/2.



Is that a long threat range or are you just happy to see me? Kommander Oleg Strakhov vs Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight (Bunkers)

This game was played against one of my regular opponents, using social distancing and masks to be in compliance with current government regulations. As I was also playing a real opponent instead of myself, I took fewer pictures as I did not want to bog down the game too much.

I rolled randomly which list to play and landed on my Strakhov1 list, which is designed to yeet (as the cool kids say) a heavy into the face of my opponent´s caster. My opponent bought my Legion of Everblight army before the lockdown and so he is still trying to pick up the faction.

He won the roll-off, but being a ranged-heavy faction that can threaten 28″, decided to go second.

My list was:

Kommander Oleg Strakhov + 28

  • Conquest: 35
  • Juggernaut: 13
  • Juggernaut: 13
  • Destroyer: 14
  • Marauder: 11

Kovnik Sorscha Kratikoff: 4

  • Marauder: 11

Greylord Forge Seer: 0 (4)

Gobber Tinker: 2

Kayazy Eliminators: 0 (5)

Kayazy Eliminators: 0 (5)

Theme: Jaws of the Wolf


I put down my theme force´s forest template on the left side of my zone. The force then deployed centrally and quite compact. The Kayazy went to the flanks to tie up flanking forces or charge into the centre.

Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight: +29

  • Zuriel: 18
  • Azrael: 21
  • Typhon: 20
  • Nephilim Bolt Thrower: 11

Craelix, Fang of Everblight: 0 (6)

Blight Nyss Shepherd: 1

Succubus: 0 (4)

Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters (max): 15

  • Bayal, Hound of Everblight: 0 (6)

Blighted Nyss Raptors (max): 18

Theme: Children of the Dragon


Legion deploying a central beast brick due to Lylyth´s small control range and mobile flanking forces.


Obligatory side view

Round 1


I mostly ran up, but Strakhov had to hide behind a jack wall, which hampered my activations all game long. Usually going to 0 camp top of 1 is ok, but I could actually die here. The Juggernaut in front of him got Superiority, which was a mistake as that model needed to move out of Strakhov´s way first should he try to feat next turn. Sentry was put on the Conquest to lob more AoEs each turn and maybe get a random Critical Devastation. Strakhov also put Occcultation on himself to at least shield himself from the infantry and cavalry models.


Hex Hunters ran forward and partially into the forest.


Lylyth trampled, then put a bit of damage into the Juggernaut with Superiority, but his dice were very cold all game long and it wasn´t too dinged up. The battlegroup cautiously advanced.


Raptors doing Raptor things.

Round 2888E82CB-4584-4013-BFB1-25CFDF51BE3B

The Sentry shot killed a Hex Hunter. The rest of my turn was spent moving closer forward and ensuring that Strakhov could not be shot off the table. I put down a Creeping Barrage and did a bit of damage to the Bolt Thrower with my other guns. The left Kayazy ran into the Hex Hunters, each one engaging two of them. On the right, the other Kayazy ran to engage one Raptor and blocking the way past the building for the rest of the unit.


And this was when Lylyth decided to kill Strakhov. The first attack was Azrael trying to roll a Critical Smite to slam the Juggernaut without Superiority over the Gobber Tinker and then hit Strakhov before slamming into the objective. The dice on top were the attack roll.


Fortunately, the slam was just for two inches, so it didn´t reach Strakhov. The Gobber died annd the Juggernaut took 5 damage. As Azrael was not in range to shoot Strakhov, it shot the Juggernaut with Superiority, dealt some damage but not slamming it.

(Dramatic pause to generate tension) Let´s see what happened on the flanks first.


The Hex Hunters surrounded the Kayazy and killed them.


The Raptors tried their best, but no 11s were rolled, so the Eliminators lived.


And we go back to the assassination run: Lylyth trampled forward, feated and put three shots into Strakhov, but the dice were so cold that he only took 6 damage at dice -4 and reducing with focus (come to think of it, that is about average). The Bolt Thrower (inexplicably missing on this picture, I think we proxy-based it) hit him, but dealt no damage on a boosted roll. This was when we realised that Strakhov was an Assault Kommando and thus immune to fire, which made this assassination run go very cold very fast.  So instead, Craelix (who couldn´t see through Strakhov´s Stealth) and the two heavies use their shots to make the Marauders and Superioritied Juggernaut Stationary, which would effectively time-walk me.

We both scored our zones.

Strakhov 1 – Lylyth 1

Round 3


The Sentry shot dealt some damage to the Bolt Thrower even after missing. I spent the Power Up focus on my stationary warjacks to shake it. Strakhov shook it too and allocated two to the Juggernaut with Superiority and one to the Conquest. The Forge Seer topped it off with a third focus and Sorscha0 came out of hiding to put Boundless Charge on it.

The Conquest and Destroyer unloaded on the Bolt Thrower and killed it. This let the Juggernaut charge in and it almost killed Azrael, but my dice were cold too at this stage. For the rest, I pushed forward in the centre.

The Kayazy on my right used Parry and Acrobatics to get behind the first few Raptors and killed one of them.

As the Juggernaut contested his zone, only I scored.

Strakhov 2 – Lylyth 1


Typhon easily killed the Juggernaut. This let Azrael slam another Juggernaut over Strakhov, but nothing else could attack him.

Zuriel charged the Marauder in the rubble, but snake-eyed the charge attack and thus could only take out its Cortex.

The Hex Hunters started surrounding Sorscha´s Marauder and dealing a lot of damage with Hex Bolts to it. Death by a thousand cuts it was. Lylyth also dealt damage to a heavy somewhere here.

The Raptors killed one of the Kayazy.

Both zones were scored.

Strakhov 3 – Lylyth 2

Round 4


The Sentry shot killed a Hex Hunter and damaged Craelix. The Conquest was fulled loaded up. The Marauder in the rubble gambled and hit Zuriel with a Combo Smite which slammed Zuriel into Azrael. Sorscha then put Boundless Charge on the Conquest and ran behind the theme forest.

Conquest charged in and put both Azrael and Zuriel down. The second Juggernaut got Superiority cast on it, but could not charge Typhon (I had to choose one of them to charge and Conquest was better), so it ran.

Sorscha´s Marauder killed a Hex Hunter.

The Destroyer shot Craelix, but missed.


The Kayazy failed to kill a Raptor but got in the way.

As I contested his zone, the score went to

Strakhov 4 – Lylyth 2


The Hex Hunters continued to ping the Marauder some more and it dropped to single digits of boxes left.


The Raptors finally killed the Eliminator and repositioned closer to the centre.


Typhon killed the Juggernaut and swung at the Conquest too. Lylyth shot the Conquest too, then moved to the flank to avoid being charged.

Strakhov 5 – Lylyth 2

Round 5


Strakhov loaded up the Conquest, which then moved up to kill the objective and the Succubus, letting it control the enemy zone.

The Destroyer stayed in the friendly zone and lobbed a shot into the Hex Hunters, killing one.

Strakhov ran to the central flag.

This meant I scored 4 to 0 this turn.

Strakhov 8 – Lylyth 2





‘Die, oppressor, die!’: Ashlynn d’Elyse, the Queen’s Blade vs Assault Kommander Strakhov (Bunkers)

For today´s game, I wanted to embrace my inner fluffbunny and have the villainous Khadoran Empire fight the heroic Llaelese Resistance again. However, this time it would be a fight between the steamroller that is the Armored Corps with its Men O-War and the ragtag team of troublemakers that is The Irregulars. Maybe Ashlynn d´Elyse hired a gang of specialists to kill the hated Assault Commander Strakhov, who killed so many of Llael´s finest officers during the invasion of Llael.

The forces were:
Assault Kommander Strakhov & Kommandos – WJ: +22
– Assault Kommander Strakhov & Kommandos (Cont.)
– Greylord Adjunct – PC: 4
– Rager – PC: 10 (Battlegroup Points Used: 10)
– Juggernaut – PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 12)

Man-O-War Drakhun – PC: 9
– Man-O-War Drakhun (Continued)
Man-O-War Suppression Tanker – PC: 0
Man-O-War Suppression Tanker – PC: 0
Man-O-War Kovnik – PC: 4

Man-O-War Shocktroopers – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
– Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer – PC: 4
Man-O-War Shocktroopers – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
– Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer – PC: 4
Man-O-War Demolition Corps – Leader & 4 Grunts: 14
– Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich – PC: 0
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 3
THEME: Armored Corps

A very subtle list, adding beef to beef for a ton of damage boxes and armour. The battlegroup is kept light, a Juggernaut because it is great value for points if you need to open cans, but still cheap enough to be thrown into something without remorse. The Rager is a Shield Guard that can also do decent work as it has three initial attacks in melee. I deliberately did not add the character unit (Atanas?) as it is 7 points for two Men O-War which is not that great value for money. I´d rather add half a unit more for the points.

Ashlynn d’Elyse, The Queen’s Blade – WJ: +22
– Vayne di Brasco & Marie Aguillon
– Toro – PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 13)
– Toro – PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 9)

Artificer Prime Nemo – Nemo & 3 Arcane Mechaniks: 18
– Arcane Mechaniks
– Charger – PC: 9

Boomhowler, Solo Artist – PC: 0
Boss Machorne – PC: 0
Scythe – PC: 0
Hermit of Henge Hold – PC: 5
Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire – PC: 7
– Thrall Warrior
Grand Master Gabriel Throne – PC: 7

Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 5
Idrian Skirmishers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
– Idrian Skirmisher Chieftain & Guide – Chieftain & Guide: 5
THEME: The Irregulars

Another army with a warcaster unit and 22 Warjack Points, the army is built around leveraging True Path and Hand of Fate to get the alpha strike and get an attrition lead, then use the feat to bring in 3 more solos to further swing the attrition pendulum in its favour. Alexia and Nemo can also double dip on all casualities the Idrians take, as Alexia gets the soul tokens to make Thrall Warrior solos and Nemo can return d3 Idrians back to the unit each turn. Boomhowler is mainly there to give Nemo Reposition, but can also drop Covering Fire when not playing against ARM16+ models with 8 damage boxes.

Ashlynn won the roll-off to go first, but chose sides to be able to score first and also giving the Idrians an opportunity to force the engagement bottom of one.


Khador deployment and Advance moves. Pretty symmetrical, going right for the jugular.


Mercenary deployment: the Idrians will receive all the buffs and then go in. They put Prey on the Demolition Corps.


View from the side


Round 1DA025B87-8EB2-4D79-97BC-4222DFA9D800

Strakhov puts Inviolable Resolve on the Demolition Corps and Quicken on the right Stormtroopers, then Repositions with his Battle Plans.


The Men O-War are almost at the middle line and it isn´t even round 2!


Ashlynn moves up and casts True Path on herself and Hand of Fate on the Idrians.


The Idrians receive a Press Forward order and charge in, killing three Shocktroopers as well as engaging most of the frontline.  Some stay behind to allow recurring the unit if need be.


They also get Heroic Call to be Tough.


The rest of the Mercenary force moves up, Alexia getting in position to collect the souls of the Idrians. Nemo4 summons an Ironhead Steelhead.


Casualties for turn 1.

Round 2

Strakhov upkeeps Quicken for free and drops Inviolable Resolve. 8AD1E873-41D5-4156-BAFF-8AB95C50BC7E

Operation Clean Up: The first Oppression Tanker moves up and sprays sideways, killing three Idrians (Tough is not on their side this turn).


Crucially, this frees up the second Tanker, who kills four more and knocks one down.


The Shocktroopers charge in: The first one triggers the Toro´s Countercharge, which in turn triggers the Drakhun´s Countercharge. The Drakhun wallops the Toro hard, then it kills the Shocktrooper. The last regular Shocktrooper charges the Idrian Chieftain, who toughs, while the Officer charges the Toro. Then the Juggernaut charges it before the Drakhun finishes it off.


A picture is missing here: Strakhov puts Quicken on the Demolition Corps, feats and his Assault Commandos shoot the knocked down Idrian Chieftain.The Kovnik puts Desperate Pace on the Demolition Corps, giving them an 11″ charge move and 13″ threat. This lets them put quite a few dents into the central Toro and Charger. In addition, the Hermit uses his Mad Visions ability to shield Alexia2 from getting a hammer to the face. Dragos also mini-feats to give his unit Bond of Brotherhood.


Casualties for the turn.


Time for the Irregulars to strike back: Boss McHorne slams the Shocktrooper Officer (who really had no business being in the first rank) into another Shocktrooper and kills the Officer. Mainly, she sets up to annoy the Shocktroopers and die to be returned by the feat. The Idrians do very little as they have to use P&S 10 attacks to get through ARM values of 20 or better. The Hermit gives everyone nearby  -2 ARM.

At this stage, I read Dragos´s card and see Defensive Line on it. +2 DEF in melee on DEF10 troops??? What a useless rule, right? The Toro then promptly rolls 4 5s or less for its attacks and only hits once, dealing minimal damage, that is also spread around with Bonds of Brotherhood. The Charger fares little better, but together they do over half the boxes of the Demolition Corps, but not being able to kill anyone.

Ashlynn allocates two to the Toro, then moves to the side as she cannot hit the Demo Corps over the Toro. Her two sidekicks flail ineffectively against ARM 19 Demo Corps that can redirect damage. She also puts Hand of Fate on Nemo4. Speaking of whom, Nemo returns 3 Idrians to the unit, then shoots Dragos twice, dropping him to one damage despite his ARM and everything, then knocking him down and killing him on the second shot.

Throne charges and kills a Shocktrooper. The Ironhead uses his Lifter to get Alexia out of melee, then she summons three Thralls and gets further away from the front. The Kayazy unhorse the Drakhun, but cannot finish him off.

Scythe notices that if she shoots any of the Shocktroopers, the Rager can use Shield Guard to take the shot, then negate all other shots as it is at 2,01″ of them. So she fires all four shots into the Rager, but not doing much of anything.


Thanks to Strakhov´s feat, only four Men O-War die despite a whole army whaling on them.

Strakhov scores his zone, all other elements are contested.

Khador 1 – Mercenaries 0

Round 3


Strakhov puts Quicken on the other Shocktroopers, thus unlocking the achievement of casting it on three units in three turns. His henchmen kill an Idrian and the Drakhun another. The Juggernaut charges Alexia and puts her into the ground, then kills another Idrian. The Tanker kills the rest of them and a Thrall. The Shocktrooper Officer charges Throne and kills it, thanks to the Hermit´s -2 ARM aura.

The Kovnik gives the Shocktroopers Desperate Pace and the Greylord Adjunct runs to be in maximum CMD range of Strakhov to be able to give him a free upkeep next turn, while also being able to run to the flag next turn. Three Shocktroopers surround Boss MacHorne to block her line of sight, then the other two charge Scythe and Marie Aiguillon, killing MacHorne and Marie.

The Demo Corps finishes off the two warjacks and one of them does a point on the Hermit (he also took one from a free strike the turn before). The Mechanics repair a few Demolition Corpsmen and the Rager runs forward. The Suppression Tanker drops the Hermit to one damage box, but then decides not to kill him, as Ashlynn will definitely feat if she can return MacHorne and the Hermit. This way she either holds the feat or only gets back MacHorne and a Thrall.


Casualty list for the turn.

Strakhov scores his zone again and nothing else is scored.

Khador 2 – Mercenaries 0


The Kayazy move behind the Drakhun and easily kill it.


Nemo is Tune Up by his Arcane Mechanics again and he casually hits and knocks down the Juggernaut before also spiking the damage roll. Having to drop a 6 as the ´lowest´die is quite surreal. The Juggernaut is now outside of control range and knocked down, so pretty much a very heavy paperweight.


Scythe´s first shot is absorbed by the Rager, but the rest of her shots kill two Shocktroopers.


With a shout of ´Die, Oppressor, die!´, Ashlynn wades in and puts down three Demo Corps troopers, then buys an attack to kill the final one. Vayne di Brasco shoots a Shocktrooper dead and then uses Trick Shot to kill a Mechanic. As Ashlynn has four focus and only two Shocktroopers and a MAT6 heavy in range, she decides to stand in the open and make Khador do something dumb. Being behind, it might be best tempting an assassination to remove attrition pressure.



Casualties of the turn.

Both zones are scored this turn.

Khador 3 – Mercenaries 1

Round 4


´Well, something dumb it is!´, Strakhov yells, followed by: `I have a cunning plan!´To begin, the Mechanics being engaged by the Thralls move out of engagement and are promptly killed.


The Suppression Tanker lets rip and drops both Kayazy and the two Thralls too. The Juggernaut gets up and ambles forward to engage the Ironhead and Boomhowler.


The second Tanker now moves to the central flag and kills Vayne, as well as taking two Focus off Ashlynn.

The Adjunct runs to the left flag, while the Shocktroopers engage Scythe, but not hitting her.


Strakhov has allocated two to the Rager, then puts Last Stand on it. The plan is that it has three melee attacks and if that doesn´t kill Ashlynn, it has 50:50 odds of exploding in her face. The warjack boosts its two first attacks plus gets a fourth dice from Last Stand, so it is surprisingly accurate for a MAT 6 model attacking a DEF 17 caster and Ashlynn is killed. I rolled, but the Rager doesn´t explode.




Funmachine 5: Deneghra, the Soul Weaver vs Captain Jeremiah Kraye (Bunkers)

I finally managed to get hold of Asphyxious the Sanctified and having painted him, it was time to finally play out the promised game between Deneghra3 and Kraye. The scenario I rolled was Bunkers and the forces of Cryx won the roll-off, even with the Gravedigger theme giving a re-roll. Trying to take up table space quickly and being relatively terrain independent thanks to Ghost Walk, Cryx decided to go first and Cygnar took the more favourable side.

The forces were the same as previously used.

Deneghra, the Soul Weaver – WJ: +27
– Doctor Stygius – PC: 4
– Deathripper – PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 6)
– Deathripper – PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 6)
– Kharybdis – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)

Void Archon – PC: 8
Severa Blacktide – PC: 0
Axiara Wraithblade – PC: 0
General Gerlak Slaughterborn – PC: 0

Asphyxious the Sanctified – Asphyxious & 3 Annihilation Servitors: 14
– Stalker – PC: 8
Satyxis Gunslingers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 7
Satyxis Blood Witches – Leader & 5 Grunts: 8
– Satyxis Blood Hag – PC: 4
Blighted Trollkin Marauders – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
– Jussika Bloodtongue – PC: 5

THEME: Scourge of the Broken Coast
Captain Jeremiah Kraye – WJ: +28
– Centurion – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)
– Centurion – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)
– Centurion – PC: 17
– Hammersmith – PC: 12
– Grenadier – PC: 9

Captain Maxwell Finn – PC: 0
Trench Buster – PC: 5
Trench Buster – PC: 5

Trencher Express Team – Spotter & Gunner: 0
Trencher Express Team – Spotter & Gunner: 0
Trencher Commandos – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
– Trencher Commando Officer – PC: 4
– Trencher Commando Scattergunner – PC: 2

THEME: Gravediggers


Cryx putting more forces on their left, with a delaying force on the right. The plan is to overwhelm the left or force Cygnar to also commit more forces to that flank.

Cygnar counterdeploys by putting a delaying force into the stronger Cryxian flank and a strong force on their weaker side.

Round 1

Deneghra puts Grave Wind on herself and Asphyxious drops two clouds to extent the forest to block line of sight.


The rest of the Cryxian force advances, but staying out of most gun ranges.


The Express Team and Grenadier move up, then fire into the Marauders, but they have Stealth due to Prowl from Axiara, so the only model who takes a bit of damage is Gerlak Slaughterborn who is hit by the Express Team.


Kraye puts Admonition on a Centurion and allocates one to each Centurion, so they can all activate their Imprint: Polarity Shield and then trample plus Reposition 12″.


Feeling a bit cheeky, the Commandos use their mini-feat and start shooting Deneghra, but unfortunately the damage rolls are a bit cold and she only takes two damage.


At the end of the Cygnaran turn, they have closed the gap, but the Centurions have Polarity Shield, so it should be fine, right?

Round 2

Deneghra begins the turn by feating, using two souls to give 2 focus each to Kharybdis and the central Deathripper. She then drops Mortality on all three Centurions and the Express Team on the left. She then repositions a bit.

Gerlak runs to engage the Centurion, then Asphyxious´s Stalker leaps behind it and does massive damage to it, letting the Deathripper finish it off after charging the Express Team Gunner next to it.

The Void Archon flies over the forest, sprays the Mortalitied Express Team and then teleports into melee with the leftmost Centurion (so Admonition does not trigger). It boosts both damage rolls and knocks out the Centurion´s movement. The Gunslingers and Severa then continue firing on it with Heartseeker bullets and they nearly manage to kill the Centurion, leaving only its Spear arm intact. Crucially, only the last attack knocks out the Shield system.


Kharybdis charges the right Express Team (this happened before the attack on the other Centurion on that side) and knocks down the Gunner, before making 4 attacks into the middle Centurion, dealing massive damage to it but not taking out its Spear or Cortex.

The Centurion actually hits the Void Archon with its Spear, but doesn´t kill it, so the Hammersmith has to finish it off, then repositions next to the flag.


The Commandos advance and with a combination of melee attacks, shots and Quick Work shots, they kill Axiara, two Gunslingers, a Marauder and an Annihilation Servitor. One of them tries killing Severa, but misses her, so she gets to shoot back and takes him out.

The Express Team´s Spotter moves over to grant the Trench Buster Flank and the Buster destroys the warjack (it took some damage the turn earlier from a boosted Grenadier shot). The Grenadier then kills Gerlak, but needs three shots as he Toughs the first and the second one doesn´t break armour, so only the final shot puts him down for good.


Maxwell Finn prepares for another Killing Spree, but Ashen Veil makes the Marauders virtual DEF 14 and he rolls two 5s and only kills one Marauder.


The Centurion does a bit of damage to Kharybdis, but misses two attacks, so it lives. On the Cygnaran right, the second Trench Buster runs up and controls the flag on that side.


Kraye also controls the Cygnaran square zone and a Commando contests the Cryxian zone.

Deneghra 0 – Kraye 2

Round 3


The Marauders kill Finn.


Asphyxious and his unit kill a couple Commandos, then Deneghra puts Mortality on the Hammersmith and the Commandos by stealing two souls from Asphyxious. She also sprays one of the Commandos to death.

Severa charges the Hammersmith to gain boosted damage rolls with Pistoleer, which lets her put a huge dent into the heavy. However, she kills herself with the Chain Attack Vortex Blast. The last Gunslinger also puts two shots into the jack and it is destroyed.


Kharybdis kills the Centurion and a couple of Commandos. The Marauders kill the Trench Buster, but fails to do much damage to the Grenadier.


Deneghra scores her zone.

Deneghra 1 – Kraye 2


Kraye decides it is time to do some work himself and feats, then casually shoots a Deathripper to bits with two boosted shots. It didn´t see that coming.


The Trench Buster shoots the Gunslinger and a Commando shoots the other Deathripper to give it Beacon and Flare, so the Centurion can charge it and kills it (on second thought, its Movement was out, so it shouldn´t have been able to charge) before repositioning in front of the Buster.


Quite a bodycount this turn. Especially the Commandos are doing work each turn.The Grenadier also clears out the Marauders engaging it.



The contesting Cryxian models have been removed and two Commandos contest the Cryxian zone, so while Kraye is behind on attrition, he is far ahead on scenario points.

Deneghra 1 – Kraye 4

Round 4


The Marauders attack the Grenadier some more, but DEF14 actually keeps it alive. Kharybdis easily kills the objective.


Asphyxious casts Flick to make range, then charges the Centurion and easily kills it, then buys an attack to kill a Commando and get a soul. He also contests the flag the Buster stood on.

Deneghra flies over to the flag on her right, so she scores two points to zero for Kraye.

Deneghra 3 – Kraye 4


The Commandos and Buster do little to no damage to Asphyxious, so Kraye has to once again show them how it´s done. Fortunately the last attack he can buy is enough, as Asphyxious would have had him for breakfast the turn after.


Both sides score a point.

Deneghra 4 – Kraye 5

Round 5-7

The Cryxian forces kill of the last few Commandos and the Trench Buster, but are whittled down to Kharybdis, Deneghra, Jussika and a Marauder in the end. However, they routinely outscore Cygnar.

In the end, Kraye has to charge Kharybdis and kills it off, probably doing more damage in one game than usually in ten. This lets him control his home zone again, but on top of 7, Deneghra flies into the same zone and as only the active player scores if the only models in a zone are Warcasters/Warlocks/Infernal Masters, that is enough to go ahead by five. Of course, she could have also flown into a corner and win at the bottom of 7 by simply having more points as Kraye.




Solo machine: Vladimir, the Dark Champion vs Lieutenant Crosse, Resistance Fighter

This week, I had a bit of extra time on my hands (our daughter´s daycare has opened up again, so we send her there three hours every morning to have some social contacts with other children) and decided to get in a few more games, especially as I had recently picked up a huge Khador lot for a bargain price and was really itching to test it out.

Customs is still holding my parcel from PP hostage, including Asphyxious 4 and his unit, so I am postponing the game between Kraye and Deneghra3 until that has arrived and I have had the chance to paint that unit up and finally play them without proxies. I wanted to play Vlad2, so I wanted to give him a decent matchup. My initial idea was Fiona, but I am not sure how she would fare against a whole force that is immune to spells. So I decided to give Lieutenant Crosse another spin as I love the idea of a souleating gun and the poor human it controls. It is also highly fluffy to play the brutal Khadoran oppressor versus the Llaelese Resistance.

I rolled up Spread the Net and the forces were:

Vladimir, the Dark Champion + 27

  • Greylord Adjunct: 4
  • Ruin: 17
  • Juggernaut: 13

Orsus the Chained: 0 (6)

Koldun Lord: 0 (4)

Koldun Lord: 4

Void Archon: 8

Void Archon: 8

Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire: 7

Greylord Ternion: 0 (7)

Doom Reaver Swordsmen: 10

  • Greylord Escort: 3

Doom Reaver Swordsmen: 10

  • Greylord Escort: 3

Doom Reaver Swordsmen: 10

Kayazy Eliminators: 5

(Wolves of Winter)

A classic Vlad2 list with the modifications of ´models I had and have been painted´. I am not sure about the jack loadout, maybe two Destroyers will give me some ranged presence, but the issue is that the Doom Reavers actually run further than the Destroyers can shoot. On the other hand, Ruin will pulverise anything it touches, but that can be said for anything in this force. Butcher4 might go and make room for another unit of Doom Reavers.

Lieutenant Crosse, Resistance Fighter + 29

  • Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker: 4
  • Mariner: 14
  • Vanguard: 10
  • Freebooter: 9

Eilish  Garrity, the Occultist: 0 (5)

Taryn di la Rovissi, Llaelese Gun Mage: 0 (5)

Anastasia di Bray: 3

Thamarite Archon: 8

Morrowan Archon: 8

Major Harrison Gibbs: 4

Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist: 4

Exemplar Errants (max): 16

  • Exemplar Errants Officer & Standard: 4

Holy Zealots (max): 12

  • Monolith Bearer: 3

Thorn Gun Mages: 9

(Llaelese Resistance)

My Gastone2 list du jour, the Errants are there to be ARM 19 models with Tough and Advance Deployment to take board space and the Zealots will get in the way, be shield guards and just generally be a nuisance while providing Gastone with souls. If there is an opponent without mass remove from play effects, they can also be recurred. Not that that happened in my previous games with this list.

Even with Anastasia´s +1, Gastone loses the roll-off and Vlad goes first, so Gastone picks the side that has a flag behind a building and more open fire lanes. The Llaelese theme allows me to drop a 5″ rubble into the right zone, so the Trench in the left zone is less attractive than the hidden flag.


Standard Vlad deployment: spread out symmetrically and claim board space early on. The plan is to meatgrinder everything and then win on the corpses of those poor misguided resistance fools.


Gastone retorts, putting the Errants forward to start shooting turn 1. Taryn goes into the rubble as she is wont to do. The plan is to control the home square and flag, keep enemies off their flag and disrupt enough on the other side to win by scenario.



Round 1:


The leftmost unit of Doom Reavers uses Apparition to place out of the rough terrain.

pic 4

Vlad puts Arcane Might on himself, Hand of Fate on the Greylord Ternions (for want of a better target) and Assail on Ruin.


The rest of the Khadoran force runs forward.

Gastone puts Dauntless Resolve on the Errants and Lifebound on the Zealots, then moves up but cannot reach any Doom Reavers with his gun.

The Mariner misses a boosted shot, but scatters perfectly and kills two Doom Reavers after hitting 5. They are surprisingly tough for dudes in loincloths.


Taryn and the Errants also join in and at the end of round 1, a full unit´s worth of Doom Reavers is dead, with three more knocked down due to Tough.


End of round 1: note that Alexia2 has collected three souls, while the left Void Archon has one and the right one two souls.

Round 2

The left Void Archon can charge 9″, kill a Zealot, collect his soul (Lifebound does not negate the rule of proximity), then teleport 8″ to get within range of the Monolith Bearer, then uses both souls it has to boost attack and damage on him to prevent the Zealots from recurring, then sprays over 6 models, but only kills two, again being closer than Gastone and thus collecting their souls. It is also extremely close to Gastone. Note how it could not spray Gastone as Gorman put a cloud in front of him on a whim the previous turn.


Thanks to Apparition and the other Void Archon, six Errants die on the other flank. The Archon also tries to hurt the Morrowan Archon, but only does six damage to him. I might actually have forgotten to use his spray now that I think about it.


Doom Reavers rush in on all sides, dropping the Freebooter to six boxes and knocking out its Cortex. Alexia also summons three Thrall Warriors to throw into the fray. The Kayazy run all the way into the Llaelese square zone and engage the Vanguard and a Zealot, being annoying with DEF 17. The Ternions drop two clouds on the Doom Reavers between the two buildings to deny line of sight. The right Koldun Lord runs to the flag to maybe score a point next turn.


Anastasia di Bray comes in on the left and stabs the Koldun Lord in the back, thanks to her, erm, Backstab ability.


The Morrowan Archon hurts the Void Archon before the Errants finish it off. They also shoot a couple of Doom Reavers.

Unfortunately, the Thamarite Archon only rolls a single shot, but it still takes out the Koldun Lord on the flag like a champ. If it had rolled up a few shots, it could have shot the Freebooter and kill the models around it with an Eruption of Ash. Nearby, the Freebooter only kills two Thralls and the Vanguard boosts his attack to kill the Kayazy Eliminator engaging it.

The Zealots do very little, as the death of the Monolith Bearer drops their CMD from 8 to 6,  so the left side of the unit has to get back into formation first. Ragman uses Death Field to give the Void Archon -2 ARM, Eilish gives Gastone Puppet Master and he promptly blows the Archon off the table.


Another round of hard attrition from the Llaelese forces. Notably, the Mariner shot the Juggernaut to kill a Ternion and two Doom Reavers in addition to damaging the heavy.


End of Round 2: either side can score a scenario element.

Round 3


The Juggernaut sighs mechanically after Vlad allocates a second focus to it, turns around and puts Anastasia in the dirt, but only on the second attack. ´This zone is mine now´, it thinks.


The Thrall Warrior and the left Doom Reavers kill the Freebooter and also a few more Zealots plus Sylys who had run up to lock the central Doom Reavers in melee. This clears the way for Ruin and it charges the Thamarite Archon, needing two boosted attacks to put it down, then buying another attack to kill Taryn. It is now next to the Vanguard, but not to worried about the Vanguard killing an ARM 20 heavy with 34 boxes.

Vlad2 feats on four Doom Reavers, an Escort and a Ternion and advances behind the central building with three focus points on him. The right Doom Reaver and Escort charge into the Errants and Morrowan Archon, killing three Errants, but only doing 5 damage to the Archon, leaving it on one box.

However, the good work of the left Doom Reavers has removed the blocking Zealots from the field and so the last two models from the middle Doom Reaver unit, both with Vlad´s Super Soldier Serum, charge into Gastone and his command staff, hacking down Eilish, Gorman and Ragman before embedding their two Fellblades in Gastone, killing him easily.

Assassination win for Khador!


View at the end of the game.




Semi-serious machine: Stryker2 vs Feora4

For the second game, we rolled up Spread the Net. The Feora list was the same as in the previous battle report. Having discussed game 1, we both thought that Feora really wants to have the first turn if possible to cast her Upkeeps turn 1 and so, having won the roll off again, my opponent decided to go first this time.

His list is identical to the previous one, but I brought Stryker2 in a list I shamelessly cribbed off Jake Wilstrop from the England Knights team. It brings more guns than a traditional Stryker 2 list, as well as a third unit in the Precursor Knights.

Lord Commander Coleman Stryker + 28

  • Toro 13
  • Talon 7
  • Charger 9

Morrowan Archon 8

Thamarite Archon 8

Thamarite Archon 8

Grandmaster Gabriel Throne 7

Hermit of Henge Hold 0 (5)

Alexia the Undying 0 (5)

Legion of Lost Souls (max) 18

  • Morrowan Battle Priest 0 (2)

Order of Illumination Resolutes (max) 13

  • Morrowan Battle Priest 0 (2)

Precursor Knights (min) 8

  • Officer and Standard 4
  • Morrowan Battle Priest 0 (2)

(Flame in the Darkness)



Menoth deploys centrally.


The Legion and Resolutes go opposite the Judicator, the Precursors go opposite the arc node and other things.

Round 1:


Menite forces run up. Firestarter goes on the Judicator, Hellwrought goes on the Revenger and Road of War on Feora. The Choir sings no spells.


Cygnar runs up, keeeping all models in 12″ of Stryker who casts Deceleration. Nothing is in gun range, so nothing really happens.

Round 2:


The Choir sings Battle as most of my shooting is magical and I am not really casting spells on him either way. The Charger gets lit up by the Judicator and Hand of Judgment, leaving it on fire and with its Cortex and gun crippled. The Judicator also lands a hit on a Resolutes and kills it. Its other rockets rolls the hard boosted 15 and hits Stryker, setting him on fire and doing some damage even after using the focus reduction. Crucially, it also kills the Legionnaire next to him. Hand of Judgment then moves backwards with Road to War. Feora flings four Scorns into the Hermit, so the Hermit has to use Mad Visions to prevent one damage roll as we erroneously believed it causes Continuous Fire (it doesn´t). Otherwise, the Hermit would have died in a fire in my maintenance phase on a 3+ and continuous fire cannot be cancelled by Mad Visions. Small mistake with little impact on the game. This also puts Feora at 6 Anger tokens and thus making her Focus 8.


As you can see here, a lot happens in the Cygnar turn. Stryker continues to burn, but has the Focus to ignore it. The fire on the Charger goes out. The Resolutes and Legion use Vengeance to move up further. The Hermit edges to 6.1″ of the Indictor and uses the -2 ARM aura, catching an Archon and the Revenger. Stryker puts Positive Charge on both the Talon and Toro and feats on everyone. The Talon charges the Revenger and makes it stationary. The Precursor Knights use their mini-feat and charge the Initiates and the Revenger, killing the jack and dinging up the Initiates. The Thamarite Archon shoots the Menite Archon in the forest and does some damage. The Legion goes in, crucially I apply my buffs and they mostly flail around inefficiently, killing just one Menite Archon and doing chip damage on the Judicator. Alexia then moves up and casts her +2 STR aura. Throne gives the Resolutes +2 damage on their first melee attack and the Toro runs to affect Hand of Judgment and the Judicator with Positive Charge. The Resolutes go in and thanks to the buffs, they wallop the Judicator quite hard. The right Thamarite Archon kills a Mechanic, but the shots on the Vassal are redirected to the Initiates and do no damage. The Charger hides behind the wall.


During the feat ´phase´, the Precursors kill the Initates and hit the Indictor for little effect. The Morrowan Archon and the Legion nearly kill the Menite Archon, but leave it on a bit. The Resolutes and Legionnaires fail to kill the Judicator, so the Toro has to put it down. The left Thamarite Archon moves up the flag and Stryker edges back to the border of the Killbox.

Stryker 2 – Feora 0

Round 3


Feora feats. This many models die to the feat. Ouch!


Post feat view.


In the end, the Indictor kills the last Precursor Knights and holds that square zone. Feroa also kills the Talon and the Morrowan Archon. The Menite Archon kills the Hermit, Alexia and a Legionnaire. Hand of Judgment kills the Toro, then advances backwards with with Road to War.The Initiates do very little. One Resolute contests the central zone. The Vassal Mechanic runs into my square zone to contest, but the flag remains uncontested.

Stryker 3 – Feora 1


I could win here, if the Thamarite Archon runs to contest the square zone, Stryker (who is still on fire but uses Focus to prevent most damage) runs to the vacated flag, the Charger kills the Mechanic and the Archon score the right flag, but that means I need to clear 3 Initiates. Fortunately I start with the hard part. The Charger walks behind the Mechanic and kills it easily. Throne rides into the central zone, tries to shoot an Initiate but misses, then gives the Resolutes +2 damage again. The Initiates however are real troopers and it takes a round of Vengeance and regular attacks from the Legion and the charges from the Resolutes to put one down. The Archon flies behind them, but can only kill one. So the flag is contested and therefore the win off the table. The left Archon therefore stays put and kills the severely wounded Menite Archon. Stryker heals for 3, going to 11 wounds and then runs into the right zone, camping 3.

Feora scores the square zone and Stryker the flag and the other square.

Stryker 5 – Feora 2

Round 4:


The Indictor charges the Thamarite Archon on the flag and kills it with a boosted charge attack. Hand of Judgment flames, killing two Resolutes, two Legionnaires and both Initiates, but crucially missing the Archon. It then uses Road to War to engage Throne to prevent him from running into a position where he can contest both Feora´s square and the central round zone. Feora 4 moves up and scores the square zone.

Stryker 6 – Feora 3


The Thamarite Archon flies onto the flag and shoots Hand of Judgment, but to no avail. It should have killed the support staff in the round zone. Throne and the Legion of Lost Souls charge Hand, but don´t do a lot, so the still burning Stryker has to Overload his armour for 1 dice, gaining +1 STR and also taking 1 damage, then charge Hand and kill it with three swings (one of which does 0 damage). In hindsight, Throne should have waited and lets Stryker go in first, burn through the stack if necessary and then ride into the two zones to win the game. So Stryker still scores two to one, but not enough to end the game.

Stryker 8 – Feora 4

Round 4


Feora has ten focus points after getting Harmonious Exaltation and taking from the Wrack, which finally explodes, but without anyone nearby. She can cast Scorn on Throne, then on Stryker to kill him. Fortunately, at dice off 5, Throne is actually quite resilient to her spells and he lives, so Feora never gets line of sight to Stryker. According to the Buy or Boost app, even if Throne dies to the first Scorn (mathematically impossible), Feora only has a 3.4% chance of killing Stryker through a 4 Focus camp and only 0.3% if she needs two Scorns to kill Throne (which is still above average).

The Indictor runs in front of her to shield her, but the support solos cannot get to the Cygnaran zone or flag and so Stryker scores 2 to 0 from Feora (even if the Indictor had run back to the square zone, it wouldn´t have mattered).

Stryker 10 – Feora 4




Semi-serious machine: Haley2 vs Feora4

Last week, I played a game with Asphyxious2 and 47 Banes against an Absylonia1 beast brick, but as I took no pictures, I won´t write a report on the game. But it was good fun and also my first game in person for over two months, so there´s that.

This week, I travelled to Kaiserlautern to play against one of the guys from that local meta. He wanted to test Feora4 and I wanted to play a bit of Cygnar to test out Nemo4 and an interesting take on Stryker2 that I found on the Knightmachine blog.

This is the first of those games:

We played Anarchy and I brought the following Haley 2 list:

Major Victoria Haley +25

  • Squire 0 (5)
  • Thorn 13
  • Firefly 8
  • Firefly 8

Artificer Prime Nemo 18

  • Ironclad 12
  • Arcane Mechanics 0

Storm Strider 18

Journeyman Lieutenant Allister Caine 0 (5)

  • Ace 10

Order of Illumination Resolutes (max) 13

(Heavy Metal)

The idea of the list is to use Haley2´s strong control elements to lock the opponent in place and the firepower of Nemo and the Storm Strider to cripple the opponent until either a scenario win or an assassination become inevitable.

My opponent brought:

Feora the Forsaken +28

  • Hierophant 3
  • Judicator 35
  • Indictor 14
  • Hand of Judgment 18
  • Revenger 10

Menite Archon 8

Menite Archon 8

Vassal Mechanic 1

Vassal Mechanic 1

Wrack 1

Vassal of Menoth 0 (3)

Vassal of Menoth 0 (3)

Choir of Menoth (min) 4

Initiates of the Order 0 (7)

Initiates of the Order 0 (7)

(Faithful Masses)

This is still a work-in-progress list (but which list isn´t?) and as I am not the pilot, I am not 100% sure on its objectives, but in the games I played against it, it tried to use the Judicator to trigger Road to War and swing attrition in your favour while using the feat to clear infantry and then have multiple heavies in people´s face, one of them being Feora4 which can easily murder heavies and colossals on her own come turn 3 or later.

A quick note: we played on the clock, both in the game and in real life, as we had a deadline at which time we should be done with the games. Moreover, I didn´t want to interrupt the flow of the game too much or keep my opponent waiting. Lastly, the game was quite gripping, so I was less focused on taking pictures as usual. Therefore, there are fewer pictures as usual.


Deployment from both sides. My opponent won the roll, but decided to go second to choose a better table side and get a better start on scenario.


Cygnar runs up. Caine0 puts Fire for Effect on the Storm Strider, Nemo4 put Watcher on himself and Lightning Shroud on his Ironclad and Haley2 put Temporal Acceleration on the Storm Strider, Telekinesis on Nemo4 and Forcefield on herself. Nemo4 also summoned a Trench Buster to have a Shield Guard.(yes, the picture was taken after the Menite turn, I didn´t have a useable one from my turn).


The Menite forces run up, the Initiates on the right run into the zone to contest it (might have been a bit premature in my opinion). The right Archon also flies into that zone after I take the picture. Feora4 decides not to cast all her upkeeps, only dropping Hellwrought on the Revenger and casting 3 Scorns on the Storm Strider to go to 5 Anger Tokens and thus 8 Focus on her second turn. The Storm Strider takes a bit of damage from it. Crucially, there are two small mistakes on my opponent´s part that really swing the game: the Choir only activates after the jacks have run up and thus has to run instead of using their hymns. Moreover, Feora needs a seventh Focus (plus the Hierophant´s Harmonious Exaltation) and therefore has to take the Focus from the Wrack, which promptly blows up, killing two Choir members and a Mechanic.


Bottom of 1 view.

Cygnar 0 – Menoth 0

Round 2

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Thorn moves up to be in 10″ of Hand of Judgment and not in 6″ of the Indictor. Thorn also does quite a bit of damage on the Menite Archon with a boosted spear attack. Nemo4´s Mechanics load up the Ironclad and give him Signs&Portents, then Nemo4 casts Locomotion on the Ironclad and tries to shoot the Archon, behind the building, but misses it. Haley feats, catching both Archons and all warjacks. She then uses Telekinesis to move Hand of Judgment and the Ironclad before shooting Hand, but no dealing any damage. The Resolutes move up and do a bit of damage on Hand. The Ironclad then charges and easily puts Hand of Judgment down.


On the right, the Storm Strider charges the Archon and finished it off (Thorn really did a ton of damage beforehand), then electrocutes two Initiates. Caine then tries to use Trick Shots to kill off the last one, but leaves it on a few boxes. Ace also misses the Initiate. The Firefly runs into the Revenger to prevent arcing.

Haley 0 – Feora 0


The Archon flies over to engage the Firefly, which triggers Watcher, so the Ironclad moves over and wallops it pretty hard, leaving it on 4 boxes. The Judicator gets Battle sung on it, then after some deliberation flames both the Ironclad and the Firefly, knocking out the Ironclad´s Hammer and some other systems.


The Venger´s Hellwrought and 3 regular attacks nearly put the Firefly down, so one Initate actually gets the charge and rolls the hard 7 followed by the hard 10 to kill the Firefly. The Indictor moves up to stops Thorn from channeling.Thorn is however in 4″ of the flag and contests it. Feora pummels the Storm Strider with two more Scorns, but it is still on 15+ boxes, also thanks to a Repair from the objective.

The Trench Buster scores my flag.


Haley 1 – Feora 0

Round 3


Feora is on one camp and without Shield Guards, so why not try an assassination run? The Ironclad tries to kill the Archon, but leaves it on a box. The Trench Buster then fails to damage it, so the Firefly has to kill it, which is a shame as I planned on having it near Feora to increase electricity damage. Thorn wants to get in position to arc a Telekinesis, but then my opponent reminds me of the Indictor´s ability to shut down arcing, so it just beats up the Indictor a bit, notably disrupting it and doing two boxes of cortex damage with the shield. Haley uses Temporal Acceleration and Telekinesis on Nemo, who then uses his own place ability before flying over the flag and shooting Feora twice, knocking her down on the second shoot and crucially also pushing her out of Nemo´s gun range, so the third shot goes into the Hierophant and kills it out of spite.

Caine then uses another two Trick Shots to do 3 damage on the Initiate blocking the Storm Strider, but not killing it, so the Strider has to move around it, stomp it in the face but remaining in range of Feora, so it puts her down with a fully boosted shot from Fire for Effect and another one with two Power Tokens.



Fun Machine 4: Captain Jeremiah Kraye vs Feora, the Conquering Flame

For the fourth match, I wanted to find out who would face off versus Deneghra3. It would be the battle to see who was the better rider, Captain Jeremiah Kraye of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service or Feora, the Conquering Flame on the most metal horse ever made.

In the blue corner, we have the original Lonesome Rider, Captain Jeremiah Kraye, rocking 4 heavy warjacks and a light warjack, as well as a crack team of Trenchers. Kraye will try to leverage the higher speed of his battlegroup of scalpel out enemy heavies or even get a credible assassination run on Feora. The list also features a lot of models that I haven´t used despite owning them for a long time, such as the Trencher Commandos. They should work well with Countermeasures to shut down enemy shooting and be a good skirmishing screen for my army.

Captain Jeremiah Kraye + 28

  • Centurion 17
  • Centurion 17
  • Centurion 17
  • Hammersmith 12
  • Grenadier 9

Captain Maxwell Finn 0 (6)

Trench Buster 0 (5)

Trench Buster 0 (5)

Trencher Express Team 5

Trencher Express Team 5

Trencher Commandos (max) 15

  • Trencher Commando Officer 4
  • Trencher Commando Scattergunner 4



In the red corner we have the Conquering Flame, the woman who will stop at nothing to become the next Hierarch of the Menite church, FEEEEOORAAAA! Her list is based on the idea of dropping a ton of dudes and try to combine Incite, Fervour and Fuel for the Flames to have each of these models deal a ton of damage. The heavies are mainly there to serve as a clean-up crew, though they can easily reach MAT 10-11 and P&S 26, so they can kill anything on the other side, be it a heavy or the enemy warcaster.

Feora, the Conquering Flame + 27

  • Hierophant 3
  • Hand of Judgment 18
  • Crusader 10

Menite Archon 8

Menite Archon 8

Hand of Silence 7

Deliverer Arms Master 0 (3)

Wrack 1

Holy Zealots (max) 12

  • Monolith Bearer 3

Holy Zealot (max) 12

  • Monolith Bearer 3

Deliverer Skyhammer (min) 8

Choir of Menoth (min) 4

Deliverer Sunburst Crew 5

Initiates of the Wall 0 (7)

Initiates of the Wall 0 (7)

(Faithful Masses)


Thanks to the re-roll by the Gravediggers theme, Kraye winsthe roll off and chooses to go second, as he has longer-range guns and can score first if going first.


Menoth deploys symmetrically, but putting the Deliverers on the more open flank.


View from the side


Cygnar deployment

Round 1


Feora puts Banishing Ward on herself and Redline on the Crusader. Redline deals damage throughout the game, but I haven´t really taken notes of it unless it is relevant. Feora also drops Banishing Ward next round as there wasn´t a relevant spell threat to justify upkeeping it. Or was there? Dandan-daaan!


Overall, the Menite forces try to gain ground, but staying out of range of the Grenadier.


Kraye puts Countermeasures on the Commandos …


… and Admonition on himself.


The only models that are in firing range are the Express Teams and they do not disappoint, dealing damage to both Menite Archons.


Apart from a few Commandos, no models advance in threat range of the Menite forces.

Round 2


The Menite Archon is sacrificed to lure the Centurions into walk and fight range of the Crusader. It flies in so far, the camera cannot track it.


The battlegroup moves up with Passage to threaten the centre.


Zealots swarm up to deny terrain and force the Cygnarans to trigger the various Vengeance triggers of the models behind them. They throw a few bombs that kills another three Commandos in addition to the two the Archon killed, as well as setting the leftmost Centurion on fire.


Kraye upkeeps his two spells and stays centrally behind the building. The burning Centurion charges the Archon and kills it easily, then Repositions back into the square zone. The other Centurion on that side advances into the circle and uses its Imprint to become unchargeable.


Captain Maxwell Finn sees an opening and promptly flubs his charge attack, but then manages to hit the next 12 models, wiping out most of the Zealots and Deliverers before Repositioning into melee with the Sunburst Crew. The Commandos and Express Team on the left flank finish off the remaining Zealots and only leave two Deliverers alive.


On the other flank, the Hammersmith goes to the extreme right to threaten all of the square and circle zones it can now see. The Centurion advances, then uses its Polarity Shield imprint. The Grenadier chooses not to shoot as it would trigger Swift Vengeance and Righteous Fury on the Archon, Hand of Vengeance on Hand of Judgment, generate souls for Hand of Silence (what´s with all the Hands, Menites???), not to mention the Zealots most likely returning to play with the Monolith Bearer´s mini-feat. The Express Team shoots the Archon, but the shot is shield-guarded by an Initiate and nothing happens.

Kraye 0 – Feora 0

Round 3

On the right, the Archon flies to within 5″ of the Hammersmith to bring it into Fuel for the Flames range, then the Zealots sing Fervour and deal massive damage to the Hammersmith before Hand of Silence sets it and the objective on fire, as well as redeeming one Zealot´s soul (ie setting him on fire and killing him), destroying the Hammersmith but not the objective.


The Crusader is fueled up and easily finishes off the burning Centurion. Feora moves Redline over to Hand of Judgment after it advanced.


The Initiate units both run to engage the two Centurions, trying to buy time for the rest of the army to get into position to kill the last two heavies on the Cygnaran side.

Feora 0 – Kraye 0


Maxwell Finn casually finishes off the Sunburst Crew, then repositions further to the centre.


The Centurion on the left does a lot of damage to the Crusader, as well as killing two of the Initiates in front of it. The Spotter of the Express Team then engages the Crusader and the Trench Buster finishes it off with his Flank (Trencher) attacks.


The Centurion on the other side kills the three Initiates and activates its Polarity Shield.


The Grenadier´s first shot hits Hand of Silence, so it is boosted and kills the problem solo. It then decides to rain death into the Zealots, killing quite a few.


The Commandos and Kraye shift to the side, taking a few potshots but not doing much expect spraying the last Initiate to death. The second Buster runs to the right to threaten that Archon if it commits on the Centurion.

Kraye 0 – Feora 0

Round 4

The Archon and Hand of Judgment kill the Centurion as Hand of Judgment can walk 7″ to easily get there. The Archon also pings the Grenadier with the Thresher attack.

The Zealots firebomb the objective. The Monolith Bearer also returns the Zealots that died last turn.


Feora and the Hierophant run and she gets into the uncontested square zone to start scoring.

Feora 2 – Kraye 0

The Express Team shoot the last Deliverer and the Wrack and provide a flanking bonus so the Trencher Buster can kill the Objective.


The Express Team gambles and shoots into melee. They manage to hit Hand of Judgment, push it back 3″ and even knock it down on a critical hit. This makes room for the fully-loaded Grenadier and the Trench Buster to kill the Archon.


The Commandos kill the Choir.


Kraye runs into the left zone. The Centurion stays out of Hand of Judgment´s range and activates its Imprint.

Kraye 2 – Feora 3

Round 5


Feora feats and lights up the Trench Buster and Grenadier with her flamethrower.


Some Zealots move up to engage the Trencher Express Team, then other firebomb them all into oblivion.


The other Zealots firebomb the Buster and Grenadier.


Hand of Judgment gets up, then flames Finn as he is a bigger menace than the Commandos. He toughs, but then dies in a fire in the maintenance phase.

Feora 4 – Kraye 3


The Commandos kill off the Zealots in the circular zone and reposition into it.


The Trench Buster runs base-to-base with the central flag.


The Centurion gets Admonition and moves forward to threaten Hand of Judgment.


Slowly but certainly the Protectorate is running out of steam and models.

Kraye 6 – Feora 5

Round 6


Feora and Hand of Judgment set a few Commandos on fire. The Buster shrugs off two boosted damage rolls and tough, as does the Commando at the edge of the zone.


The Zealots run in to contest the circular zone and the flag.


Feora 6 – Kraye 7


Kraye allocates two to the Centurion, casts Horsepower and uses his feat. The Express Team shoots Feora, but misses.


The Commandos clear out the Zealots and one of them pings Hand of Judgment to apply Flare and Beacon.


The Centurion is so fast that the camera cannot catch it and it puts Hand of Judgment down. 2E3392EC-206F-4520-8344-1FF08BB79D6D

It then repositions into Feora´s zone and in melee with her.

Kraye 10 – Feora 7

Round 7


The writing is on the wall, but Feora is a spiteful bitch, so she Firesteps out of melee with the Centurion, rides over the knocked down Commando (he toughed on the Continuous Fire roll and thus could not get up) and into melee with the Buster, killing him and the Commando next to him.


Still, she cannot contest the zone, nor does she score the flag.

Feora 7 – Kraye 12




Fun Machine 3: Deneghra, the Soul Weaver vs Aurum Legate Lukas Di Morray

EDITING NOTES: I corrected two small mistakes, Jussika’s name and Kharybdis’s melee range outside of its activation. Thank you Tim Bossuyt for pointing them out. Check out his blog at!

For the third game of Fun Machine, I was facing a bit of a conundrum as I had some fun lists, but Scaverous still being the King of the Hill made those lists really bad, for example Kraye and his Centurions are completely useless when the opponent can just TK them around. So I decided that if they are my rules, I can change them as I want.  So here are the new rules for Fun Machine:

  • Rule 1: You are encouraged to talk about Fun Machine.
  • Rule 2: Every list needs to include some models you wouldn´t normally play.
  • Rule 3: The winner stays on the table, the loser goes back on the shelf.
  • Rule 4: If you win two games, you move to the Champions´ bracket where you will stay until the next caster has two wins, then you face off.

With that in mind, I had four potential lists:

Deneghra 3 in Scourge of the Broken Coast

Captain Jeremiah Kraye in Gravediggers

Juice Bro Lukas di Morray in Magnum Opus

Feora3 in Faithful Masses

So I decided to roll for two matchups, then have the winners play each other and whoever wins plays Scaverous unless it is Deneghra as I have no idea how to make a nice battle report with Cryx playing Cryx and all models having the same colour scheme. I will see if I need to find another solution in that case. The dice came up with Deneghra vs Lukas and thus Feora vs Kraye. The scenario for both cases would be King of the Hill.

So the first match was:

In the green corner, the worst Dragon in the game, the Harvester of Souls in a game where everyone has Soul Ward, Ms Mortality on a stick, Deneghra, the Soul Weaver (Denny3 henceforth). She would bring Kharybdis, some arc nodes, some Blood Witches and Trollkin Marauders, as well as Asphyxious4, because reasons. The plan was to create a battle of attrition where Mortality would swing math hard enough to kill stuff, keep my caster away from Lukas and grind out a win that way. In the worst case, Scourge and Mortality are enough to assassinate Lukas if necessary or if the opportunity presents itself.

Deneghra, the Soul Weaver

  • Dr. Stygius
  • Deathripper
  • Deathripper
  • Kharybdis

Sevara Blacktide

Axiara Wraithblade

General Gerlak Slaughterborn

Void Archon

Asphyxious the Sanctified and Assimilation Servitors (as always played by Snapjaw and 3 Powder Monkeys, they are ordered butCoVid-19 made the PP ordering system slower, which is of course understandable, but therefore the proxy).

  • Stalker

Blood Witches (min)

  • Blood Hag

Blighted Trollkin Marauders

  • Jussika Bloodtongue

Satyxis Gunslingers


In the teal corner, we have the Juice Bro, the AUUUUU in Aurum Legate, the only caster to be able to go to 20 Focus in one turn, LUKAS DI MORRAY!!! I would run him in Magnum Opus, the infantry theme force of Crucible Guard, with his personal healthcare team of Dr. Alejandro ´Totally not Hitler´Mosby, Lynus and Edrea, his wife Alyce Mark, two Arc Nodes and a ton of Rocketmen, because why play Lukas if you cannot spam Rocketmen?? Also 4 Trancers because Trancers.

Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray:

  • Aurum Ominus Alyce Mark
  • Suppressor
  • Liberator
  • Liberator

4 Trancers

Rocketmen (max)

  • Rocketman Captain
  • 3 Rocketman Gunners

Rocketmen (min)

  • Rocketman Captain
  • 3 Rocketman Gunners

Dragon´s Breath Rocket

Lynus and Edrea

  • Dr Alejandro Mosby

Crucible Guard Assault Troopers (max)


Cryx rolled a 5, Crucible Guard rerolled a 1 into a 4, so with the +1 from Anastasia that would be a tie, we roll off again and Crucible Guard wins, grabbing first turn. Then I realise that I haven´t actually put Anastasia in the list and so Cryx gets to choose, deciding to go first because Rocketmen are really sad if they are forced to go second and have to choose between running and Defensive Action. Also Lukas prefers getting upkeeps out round 1 and then only cloudwall starting on the second turn. But it was not to be. DB85B57E-6DCB-4606-BB0B-D04D80DD165A

Cryx spreads out a bit, Asphyxious and the Gunslingers will try to delay on the left while the Marauders will try to take over the right and then swing into the center. They can get Stealth if needed with native Ashen Veil and Axiara´s Prowl. Denny can go either way to influence combat. The Blood Witches Ambush.


The Crucible Guard tried to counter deploy with more units opposite the Marauders, but Arc Nodes on both sides to have ways of casting spells where needed.


Round 1:


Cryx runs forward, Deneghra puts Grave Mist on herself (and will upkeep it all game) and otherwise models just try to claim table space.


The left Rocketmen advance slowly with Defensive Action (I seem to have misplaced three Rocketmen, hence the Combat Alchemists as stand-ins). The 2 Trancers there run behind the forest to threaten anything going into either zone on that side.


Lukas juices for 3 and keeps the Tokens, he puts Iron Flesh on the max unit of Rocketmen on the right and Mirage on the Assault Troopers. He then drops clouds on either side of the building. Lynus then heals him.


The Rocketmen run (remember how I said it would be bad for them either way?) and the Trancers run forward to deny area with Free Strikes. As they RFP themselves when they die, they would not give Deneghra or the Archon Soul Tokens.


Bottom of one.

Round 2:

The Bloodwitches Ambush in on the right flank, one of them charges a Trancer in the rear to free up some space for the Marauders and the Void Archon. The Witch hits and the resulting explosion kills her too.

The rest of the unit knocks Iron Flesh off the Rocketmen and kills an Assault Trooper as well, rolling quite low on most rolls.


Stygius puts Ghost Walk on Kharybdis in case the Trancer stays in place.

The Void Archon charges the Trancer, sprays three Rocketmen but only kills one. However, that is enough to get one Soul Token to boost the melee attack, kill the Trancer who then casually rolls a double-6 for damage and deals 7 damage to the Void Archon. As that means the Archon will be dead meat anyway, it teleports straight in the Crucible Guard lines and kills another Rocketman with a melee attack.

Deneghra feats. She uses one soul to give Kharybdis another two Focus, puts Mortality on both Liberators, though even with boosts she needs three attempts on the left one, then drops another Mortality on the max Rocketmen. She repositions slightly backwards as she only has two Focus points to camp.


Here a few photos are missing: Asphyxious moves behind the building next to Deneghra, one of his servitors run into melee with the Liberator in the central zone and the Stalker advances into melee with it, but fails to kill it. However, its Movement system is out, so Severa blows it up. 2F7D7F35-7090-40B5-BBE1-2EEFDEB3DD78

Kharybdis can now charge 10″ towards a Rocketman next to the other Liberator and rips off bits of that one, fortunately also disabling movement, so despite being in the trench it drops to DEF 9, which lets the Marauders kill it by throwing bombs at it (Kharybdis goes back to 1” reach out of activation, so the Liberator is no longer engaged). Two Arc Nodes down that I thought were safe (one was in a trench and with Ashen Veil after all) make Lukas a sad warcaster. Axiara gave the Trollkin Reposition 3″, so they take up more space.


End of the second Cryx turn.


Casualty list


The Assault Troopers use Mirage to get out of melee, then kill the Blood Hag which triggers Flame Burst. Another one wails on Kharybdis for a lot while two others miss a Bloodwitch and the Void Archon respectively.

The Trancer on the extreme left moves up and casually smites the Deathripper into Gerlak. The Rocketmen move in and the Gunners casually roll three 9+s in a row and kill the Stalker, then the others use their carbines and bombs to kill off the knocked down Gerlak and Deathripper.


Lukas and his support staff kill off a few Marauders and he fuels up some more, while Lynus and Alejandro heal him. He also drops two clouds next to the building again.


The Suppressor throws the Void Archon into Kharydbis, killing the Archon but not doing any damage to the jack. It then kills two more Marauders with its spray attacks and does a little damage to the heavy. The Rocketman Gunners use Defensive Action, then the Gunners move into Gunfighter range of Kharybdis, knocking it out. The other Rocketmen spread out, two bomb a few Bloodwitches and the rest kill more Marauders, though I made a few Tough checks here (which evened out not making any beforehand). Nobody scores any points.


Casualty list.

Deneghra 0 – Lukas 0

Round 3:

At the beginning of the turn, the Marauders take a few swings at the objective and move up thanks to their Vengeance rule. The objective takes quite a bit of damage.


On the left, the Gunslingers do their job, one of them aiming and casually killing both Trancers on the flank, the others killing a Rocketman each.


Thanks to Murderous, Asphyxious´s servitors kill two Rocketmen and give him their souls while he continues hiding behind the building and being menacing.


Deneghra then steals the souls …


… uses one to cast Mortality through her remaining Arc Node onto the Suppressor, then hardcasting Scourge on it, which does a lot of damage, and also knocks it and the models around it down. She then drops another Mortality on the knocked down Assault Troopers. She then flies to the right, staying barely inside the killbox. Dr. Stygius then cast another Mortality on the knocked down Rocketmen.


The Marauders get Reposition again from Axiara, who also shoots a knocked down Rocketman. The Blood Witches and Marauders then charge in, killing the Assault Troopers and doing some damage to the Suppressor (leaving only its movement and cortex intact) before Repositioning further up.


The Arc Node attacks the objective and kills it off, but I forget removing it from the table.


End of turn 3.1, a lot of models have died and both sides run out of heavy hitters. But Lukas is loading up slowly, while Asphyxious is still patiently waiting behind the building like a Great White Shark.

Deneghra 2 – Lukas 0


Alyce decides to turn into Big Alyce to help kill Marauders on the right. Lukas juices some more, this time actually taking three points of damage after his two medics heal him for six. He also throws out a Force Hammer onto a Marauder, but both Marauders make their Tough check and No Sleeping on the Job keeps them up. Edrea shows him how it is done, casting her Wind Burst spell on Severa, who was just out of range, then have it scatter 1″ in direction 1 and then rolling box cars to blow her apart.


The Rocketmen try to hurt Asphyxious and even hit him twice, but after overboosting his Power Field, he only takes three damage. They and the two Assistants of the Dragon´s Breath Rocket kill off his Servitors however. The Rocket itself unfortunately misses and scatters 6″ into nothingness.


The Rocketmen and the damaged Suppressor mostly flail around ineffectively, it seems the dice this round could only do snake eyes and box cars.To add insult to injury, Alyce hits Jussika twice, but leaves her on one box.

Deneghra 3 – Lukas 0

Round 4:

After the Marauders´ Vengeance attacks ding up the Suppressor some more, the Bloodwitches charge it and finish it off, then the Leader sidesteps into a Dragon´s Breath Rocket assistant and kills him. Stygius then charges Alyce, but does nothing to her.


Deneghra sighs and charges Alyce herself, killing her and a Rocketman to claim their souls, dropping Mortality on the last few Rocketmen, then repositioning to the zone and outside of Lukas´s spell range. The Deathripper runs behind the building to be available as an arc node next round. The Marauders kill the two Mortality´ed Rocketmen, but miss the Rocket twice. They reposition again thanks to Axiara´s Battle Plans.


Asphyxious kills two Rocketmen in front of him, then uses Flicker to get back behind the building. The Gunslingers only manage to kill the Rocketmen Captain, but the last Rocketman can dodge twice to be in the middle of the forest.


Deneghra 4 – Lukas 0


The final Rocketman kills a Gunslinger with his bomb, leaving only one alive. Lukas then decides that it is time for some extreme measures and he juices again, then feats for 12 additional focus points. He charges the objective …


… kills the last Gunslinger with a Disintegrate…


… uses a Disintegrate and the charge attack to kill the objective …


… then puts two more Disintegrates into Asphyxious that leave him on 5 after overboosting his Power Field.Sadly he then takes 12 damage. Fortunately, Mosby and Lynus had healed him up beforehand, so he had 6 damage left. Sadly, the rest of the Crucible Guard was not able to do much damage.

Deneghra 5 – Lukas 2


The Marauders, Bloodwitches, Dr. Stygius and Axiara drop the rest of the support staff. Deneghra´s Deathripper runs into position and she channels a Mortality, followed by a boosted Scourge on Lukas to drop him on his behind (she didn´t upkeep Grave Mist and had a soul left to get 8 focus points this turn).


Asphyxious has 7 focus after converting the two Soul Tokens, so he Flickers forward, then charges Lukas and kills him with a single swing.

Deneghra 7 – Lukas 2

Assassination (and scenario) win for Cryx!