Weekly update: Fear the Emperor’s Wrath!

I painted a new model today, a Terminator Chaplain for my Veteran Company project. It is the normal Finecast model, but I added a few extra bit, such as the winged blood drop on its tabarc and the purity seal on the shoulder pad. 

The biggest change however is the Power Sword I gave him instead of his Stormbolter. Of course Chaplains in Terminator armour normally cannot wield a Power Sword, but they can exchange their ranged weapon for a Relic. Valour’s Edge is a Relic sword striking with the wielder’s Strength and AP2, which is great on a Blood Angel as they all have Furious Charge. So for a mere 5 points more than a Power Sword, I get an AP2 version and the +1 attack Chaplains usually can’t have in Terminator Armour. As he still has his Crozius, he can choose to either have 4 S4 AP2 or 4 S6 AP4 attacks each round, being either good at killing heavy infantry or clubbing vehicles and light units.


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